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Be a Smart Mattress Buyer – Pick From a Reputable Mattress Store in Matthews, NC

Now that you have found that your old bed is the reason why you have been having back pains recently, it is time to for a replacement. The question you might have in mind is: how can get the right one for me? Knowing the type of mattress you want is key. Being aware of some do’s and don’ts in buying can help too.

Types of mattress

Your local store can offer you a wide array of mattresses, but the following are the most common types you can find:

Innerspring – notable features are steel coil components, which come in different configurations. This type is preferred by many customers as it is cheaper. The drawback is you might find it too bouncy and might disturb your ‘sleeping’ partner.

Memory foam – this could be the ‘best’ choice for you as this, based on surveys is the top choice by customers who are suffering from back and joint pains. Memory foam mattresses are the ones, when used follow the contour of your body as you lay and go back to their original shapes as you get up.

Adjustable air – mattresses that are inflatable; this is the preferred choice for those who want an adjustable mattress firmness. Typically, this is layered with other materials such as foam.

Some tips when you buy from a mattress store in Matthews, NC

Tip#1: Expensive does not always equate to better quality (have time to check the cheaper mattresses as well – you might find a ‘gem’ in there)

Tip#2: Be mindful of special offers – discounts, free shipping (be a smart buyer to get the best deal)

Tip#3: Bigger does not always mean better (try to include in your criteria your unique condition – you might have a limited bedroom space)

Tip#4: Branded items are not a guarantee for better quality; the seller might have just spent some good amount on heavy advertising (take time to check the less popular brands as well)

Tip#5: Check the merchant about their warranty, if there are special offers or a money-back guarantee.

Where are the good prospective mattress stores located in NC?

The Internet provides an efficient way to search some good prospects – you can read review sites and local directories to do that. You might also want to see our wide selections of mattresses in the Wholesale Mattress Warehouse of Matthews. Aside from our Matthews mattress store, you can drop by our mattress store branches in Downtown Charlotte and South Charlotte, NC as well.


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