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Beauty Sleep: 8 Beauty Benefits of Sleep

If you are like most people, you have probably woken up at some point with dark under-eye circles, sallow skin, disheveled hair, and a zombie stare at the mirror. Why? You did not get enough sleep the previous night. And as research reveals, getting enough sleep time allows the body to repair itself and recover, which goes a long way in improving your looks and general appearance — this is known as beauty sleep.

Essentially, the body tends to enter recovery mode as you sleep, especially in deep sleep, by releasing growth hormones, which help the skin to heal from the damages done during the day. Conversely, the lack of enough sleep inhibits the release of these hormones, leading to stress, weight gain, skin conditions and other effects, which end up affecting your general aesthetics.   

How poor sleep affects appearance

Sleep deprivation or having a bad night of sleep can have adverse effects on the appearance (read beauty) as you are about to see:

  • Attractiveness — One study showed that people deprived of sleep are perceived as less attractive and unhealthy compared to those who sleep not less than seven hours. This makes the attractiveness of sleep deprived individuals less than those achiving good sleep.
  • Aging — A lack of proper sleeping or poor sleep quality can accelerate aging. This can be characterized by reduced elasticity of the skin, fine lines, and uneven pigmentation. It also hinders the ability of the skin to recover from the effects of sun exposure, causing more wrinkles effecting physical appearance.
  • Skin — The stress on the skin caused by the effects of sleep deprivation can lead to breakouts due to the impairment of collagen quality. Blood vessels can be seen more clearly if you have disturbed sleep.
  • Self-esteem — Having enough sleep can boost your self-esteem since you tend to develop confidence in your appearance.
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Eight benefits of beauty sleep

Here are the eight beauty benefits of getting enough sleep:

Fewer wrinkles

As you sleep, your body produces growth hormone that helps in the production of collagen. The protein collagen helps in keeping the skin supple and elastic, which prevents it from sagging. And of course, the more collagen the body produces, the plumper you appear, not to mention you are less likely to develop wrinkles.

In turn, a lack of enough sleep or even a poor night of sleep leaves the skin drier and leads to the appearance of more fine lines on the face. Experts recommend a minimum of seven hours of sleep to keep wrinkles at bay.

Glowing complexion

Your body tends to boost blood flow to the skin as you snooze, meaning you wake up with a healthy and bright glow. On the other hand, disturbed sleep can make your skin look ashy and drab your complexion, causing paler skin making it appear lifeless. The reason being, there is no sufficient flow of blood to the skin surrounding your face. Getting enough sleep can help your face regain its attractive and lively look.   

Less puffy eyes

People who suffer from a lack of enough sleep often wake up with dark circles and puffy bags. Getting your beauty sleep can help prevent this, leaving you with a healthy look in the morning. While here, consider keeping your head elevated as you sleep to increase blood flow to the face and consequently reduce swelling and puffiness.

Healthy skin

Getting enough sleep is a sure way to boost your skin health: Your skin works as you sleep to heal itself from the environmental stressors suffered during the daytime. However, if you do get sufficient sleep, you deny it the opportunity to remedy itself, which can cause or exacerbate existing skin diseases.

Proper sleep is also a requisite for sufficient blood flow to the skin, which can result in a smooth and even skin tone, making you appear more appealing.

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Fewer breakouts

When you don’t get enough hours of sleep, you tend to develop hormonal acne and stress pimples, which can take a toll on your beauty. Moreover, it can lead to the release of stress hormones and hormonal imbalance, the primary recipe for breakouts. With a wrecked face, it is difficult to feel confident in your skin; thankfully, the solution is only to make sure you sleep eight hours consistently for a few days, and your skin can gain back its glow. 

Maintain a healthy weight

Did you know that people who sleep eight hours lose 55 percent more fat than those who sleep for fewer hours? Studies have also revealed that sleep-deprived people release the ‘hunger hormone,’ which stimulates appetite and makes them eat more. In the end, they gain more weight than they lose.

Sleep acts as a metabolism regulator, and lack of it can make losing weight a hassle. So, if you are going to the gym and can’t see positive results, check your sleeping schedule. 

Good moods 

Failure to get enough sleep has been proven to cause lethargy and bad moods. You have probably noticed that when you don’t get enough sleep, you are more prone to anger, stress, and bad moods, which makes it difficult to work on your daily tasks. This explains why people who don’t sleep for eight hours are ten times more likely to develop anxiety and depression.

You can boost moods and ensure you are motivated for the day by getting better sleep. In addition to being in happy moods, you will always appear healthy and beautiful.

Increased self-esteem   

Getting sufficient sleep can boost your self-confidence and esteem. Conversely, a lack of enough sleep can negatively affect the self-perception of your physical attractiveness. When you sleep for not less than eight hours, you feel more sure about yourself since you have healthy skin, bright eyes, and everything good that comes with napping as you should.

How to get more beauty sleep

Practice the following tips to get yourself the beauty sleep you deserve:

  • Create a bedtime routine — Sleep at specific times every night and avoid electronics an hour before going to bed
  • Eat hydrating foods — Hydrate your body through veggies and fruits or any foods that are packed with water
  • Create a conducive sleep environment — Make sure your bedding, such as mattress and pillows, help you sleep better
  • Wash your face before bed — Remove any makeup and toxins accumulated throughout the day by washing your face
  • Avoid salty snacks — Salty snacks before bedtime can contribute to inflammation and under-eye bags

The takeaway

For sure, getting enough sleeping time cannot be overstated, thanks to the many benefits it has on your overall health. With seven to eight hours of sleep, you can be guaranteed these and many more positive effects, which can help improve the quality of your life. At No Bulls, we can help you enjoy the full benefits of beauty sleep by providing you with high-quality mattresses that has a wonderful mattress lifespan to ensure you sleep ad wake up feeling energetic and ready for the day. Contact us to learn more about our various products.      


Frequently Asked Questions

You need around 7-9 hours of sleep per night to reap the beauty benefits of sleep.
Beauty benefits of sleep include reduced inflammation, improved skin elasticity, and reduced under-eye circles.
Yes, lack of sleep can lead to dull skin, fine lines, and dark circles under the eyes.
The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

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