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Bed Store Cherry Hill NJ

Bed Store Cherry Hill NJ
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If you need a new mattress but don’t want to deal with regular mattress stores, then look no further. Wholesale Mattress in Cherry Hill, NJ is the best Mattress Store around. With many styles, sizes, and types of mattresses to choose from, Wholesale Mattress is the place to go for high quality and low prices.

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Why We’re the Best

There’s no doubt about it: Wholesale Mattress is the best. From low prices to an easy purchase, there are so many reasons why Wholesale Mattress is better than all the other retail mattress stores.

Bed Store Cherry Hill NJ
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1. Low Overhead. We pride ourselves in having only a few hardworking employees and very little paid advertising. Our main concern is saving you money!

2. Low Prices. Speaking of saving you money, our mattresses typically run about 55%-80% lower than regular mattress stores.

3. High Quality Products. All of the mattresses we sell are the same ones that regular stores carry. Each mattress is of the highest quality and will ensure you have a restful sleep for years to come.

4.Price is All-Inclusive. With the low price you pay for your mattress, you also receive box springs and, if you live within 15 miles of a store, free delivery.

5. No Haggling or Pressure to Buy. A lot of regular mattress stores will try to pressure you into buying an expensive mattress or otherwise force you to try to change the price. With Wholesale Mattress, our prices never change and they’re always 55% to 80% lower than those at other mattress stores.

Bed Store Cherry Hill NJ
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Bed Store Cherry Hill NJ
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Discount Mattresses Cherry Hill, NJ

For an enjoyable mattress buying experience, come check out our store in Cherry Hill, NJ. Other stores simply can’t beat our low prices, high quality, and the ease with which you can have a brand new mattress. For questions or concerns about the mattresses we sell, feel free to stop by our store.

You can also visit our website or call us at 856-751-1371.

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