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Benefits of an Adjustable Base

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Benefits of an Adjustable Base

The benefits of an adjustable base bed are that you can have a more comfortable bed and a better, full night’s sleep. Despite myths surrounding adjustable bases, they can be quite affordable and fit your lifestyle. Especially for people with heart health or other challenges, an adjustable base bed can provide medical, as well as sleeping, benefits.

Adjustable Base

An adjustable base bed allows the sleeper to choose the position that best suits their comfort level and Adjustable Bedsleeping style. For those with acid reflux or heart problems, the ability to raise the upper part of the bed can make a big difference in their breathing and circulation. For the average sleeper, it can be a big advantage to be able to adjust the bed to suit their comfort, to ease pressure on joints and provide more support for their preferred sleeping position.

Comfortable Bed

We spend up to 1/3 of our lives in bed. A comfortable bed can have a significant impact upon health and wellness. Since your body can not maintain proper posture while lying flat, it can be difficult to sleep as deeply as needed to wake up refreshed. An adjustable mattress increases circulation and eases pressure points, providing a more comfortable sleeping experience which allows you to relax for a deeper sleep.

Full Night Sleep

When sleeping on an adjustable base bed, you can achieve not only a more comfortable and healthier sleeping position, you can get a full night’s sleep in relaxing comfort. The average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep each night. By getting a full night’s sleep, you can increase your productivity and feel more awake and alert, reducing stress. If you’re considering buying an adjustable base bed, stop on down to Mattress Warehouse and let the knowledgeable staff help you choose the right bed for you.

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