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Best Mattress If Your Partner Snores

Best Mattress If Your Partner Snores

Snoring can be the result of several conditions, including acid reflux and sleep apnea. Sleep positions have a strong impact on both these conditions, and the right sleeping position can reduce or eliminate snoring all together. While many snoring suffers try sleeping on pillows to keep their head and neck elevated, an adjustable mattress offers a much more practical and efficient solution to the problem of snoring.

Posture and Breathing

Two factors figure strongly in the quality of sleep- comfort and air flow through the air

Partner Snoring
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passages. Posture has a strong impact on the quality of sleep. The alignment of the spine and joints is critical to comfort and relaxation that contributes to entering the deeper stages of sleep. By allowing the spine to align correctly and keeping the airway open, an adjustable bed provides improved air flow and sleep quality.


Snoring Causes


Snoring is caused by a restriction in the air flow through the nose and throat. The inability of air to flow through the passages leads to vibration of the tissues, which is heard as snoring. Snoring isn’t just annoying to your partner or spouse, it can be a symptom of serious medical challenges. Sleep apnea can cause a disturbance in breathing throughout the night, which means the body is not receiving adequate oxygen.

Adjustable Mattress Solution

With an adjustable mattress, it’s possible to choose the level of elevation for optimum comfort and posture. If your spouse or partner has a snoring problem, an adjustable mattress relieves many of the conditions that lead to snoring. Whether you opt for an automatically adjustable bed with electronic controls, or a more budget-friendly manually adjustable bed, the ability to change positions will help alleviate snoring and provide a more comfortable, quieter night’s sleep. Come down to Mattress Warehouse today, to explore the options available and find your best night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

A mattress can help with snoring by reducing the amount of pressure on the airways, which can help keep them open and reduce snoring. A mattress that provides good support and reduces pressure points can help improve sleep quality and reduce snoring.
A mattress that is firm and supportive can help reduce snoring by keeping the body in a neutral position and reducing pressure on the airways. Memory foam mattresses can be a good option, as they conform to the body and provide good support.
A mattress topper can help improve the comfort and support of a mattress, but it may not be enough to reduce snoring on its own. It is important to choose a mattress that provides good support and reduces pressure points to help reduce snoring.
The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

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