Best Mattress Store Clearwater FL: Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Used Bed?

The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

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It is hard to believe but we have been writing this best mattress store in Clearwater blog for awhile now and have never answered the question “is it a good idea to buy a used bed?”.

Obviously because we are a mattress shop we don’t want people buying used beds for personal reasons (we’d go out of business). However, our own interests aside there are actually some really GOOD reasons why you should not buy a used bed.

The 2 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy A Used Bed

You really do not know where that bed has been

If you are buying a bed randomly from someone that you found on Craigslist then you really have no idea what that bed’s history is. This can be unpleasant for a few reasons including the build up of germs and bacteria that exists inside of the mattress and in the fabrics.

Unless a family member is selling the bed to you (although it’s still been used) we’d suggest that you stay away.

2.   You might not be getting as good of a deal as you think that you are!

The yuck factor aside, the real reason why you probably shouldn’t buy a used bed is because you may be getting ripped off. Even if the seller is advertising that the bed is in “like new” condition, you don’t really have a way to determine whether that is true or not.

Honestly, unless the bed is still wrapped in plastic you can’t be certain that it is new and in decent condition.

Plus, because discount mattress stores like ours sell brand name mattresses for less, they may be ripping you off! Who knows they may have bought the bed for less than what they are charging you for it!?


Trust us, we get that people don’t like spending loads of money replacing their old mattress. However, as the best mattress store in Clearwater we pride ourselves in providing a selection of affordable bed options. Unless, you absolutely have no choice – we would say to buy your bed new. Otherwise you may lay awake at night wondering where your mattress has been and what it actually should cost.

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