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Best Mattress Store in Medford: Do You Have Problems Sleeping?

The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

The Best Mattress Store in Medford Cures Your Common Sleep Problems

Recently, I was reading an article that suggested that over 50% of the population is not getting enough sleep at night. Being in the business of selling better sleeps I instantly took to the blog to weigh in with my two cents.


The truth about not getting enough rest is that you are not allowing yourself to get enough rest. Many people justify their lack of sleep by working long hours and the fact that they are stressed out at home. Although these two things are definitely BIG factors in whether or not you can fall asleep at night. They are not contributing factors to how well rested you feel from the sleep that you do get. Does that make sense?

We are all busy people- and we don’t prioritize sleeping as much as we should. With that in mind there are still ways that you can optimize the sleep that you do get here are some:

Replace Your Bed!

I feel awful that I have to remind people to do this but replacing your older bed (10 years or more) with a new one can dramatically impact your sleep quality.

Go To Bed Earlier

Another one that I feel like your mother saying: Go To BED AT A DECENT HOUR! It is recommended that adults get at least 6 hours of sleep each night but if you want to feel your best you should strive for eight.

Not sure that this is true? Try the sleep for 8 challenges. Go to bed earlier each night for a week. How has your day-to-day life improve?

Are you afraid of missing your favorite late night TV? That is why they invented PVRs.

Get In A Routine

No matter how much sleep you are able to get put yourself on a regimented sleep schedule. So many of us get into the habit of limiting our sleep throughout the week and then cashing in on the weekend. Staggering your sleep like this just makes it harder to get up come Monday morning.

The truth is having a consistent amount of sleep each night is better than restricted your sleep for 5 days and then over doing it on Saturday and Sunday. This is another one to try- How much better do you feel?

If your bed is comfortable, and you are getting enough rest there is no reason why you should feel great! Once you replace your bed, start going to bed earlier, and get into a good sleep routine you should notice an improvement in how you feel. If you don’t then you can count out lack of rest as your health problem.

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