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Best Mattress Store Matthews, NC

What makes us the best Mattress Store in Matthews?

If you have read our mattress blog before, then you have probably heard us brag about being the best mattress store in Matthews.

Obviously, we are proud of our low prices and this is the number one reason why we brag about being so great. However, in our mattress shop is also different than any other place where you can buy a bed in this city. We do things completely unique and this is why so many of our customers come back time and time again or recommend us.

Once you shop at a discount mattress store like ours, you’ll likely never step foot in an expensive furniture again. Today, we want to chat about the few things that our team does differently to assure that our customers have a great mattress shopping experience.

At the Matthews mattress store location we go above and beyond to assure that everyone has a stress free mattress shopping experience.

By providing our customers with personalized service (without any pressure) we are able to educate people about the benefits of investing in a good mattress.

We also are not mattress snobs. Sure, we carry all of the sought after brand names, makes and models BUT instead of trying to convince people to buy the most expensive bed that we have – we inquire about your bed budget and go from there.

At our store, we are passionate about making beds affordable for families. This is why we have a wide selection of quality mattresses and a variety of prices so that ANYONE can afford to replace their old bed.

As you can see, anyone shopping for a new mattress in Matthews should come and check out our store. Now, you can clearly see why we get away with calling ourselves the best!


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