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Best Mattress Store UNCC Area Charlotte NC

Are you looking for a place to buy a new mattress? Individuals who live in the UNCC Charlotte NC area can trust the Wholesale Mattress Warehouse. Our mattress store is 100% different than any other mattress store in Charlotte. We are committed to giving mattress shopping a better name by providing our customers with an excellent shopping experience.

How the Wholesale Mattress Warehouse in Charlotte NC is different

Our mattress store is absolutely different than other stores that sell mattresses in three primary ways.

1. We keep our mattresses affordable

The number one way that the mattress store in Charlotte NC is different is because our mattresses are actually affordable. We keep our prices low so that the “Average Joes” out there can afford to buy a quality mattress.

2. We don’t pay our staff commission

Another way that our mattress store is different from the competition is because we do not pay our salespeople commission. By doing this we can assure that there are no pushy salespeople on our team. Instead we can provide honest insight on what mattresses our customers should spend their money on. Instead of chasing commission by pushing people towards the most expensive bed in the warehouse, we can provide our people with honest information so that they can make the right choice for them.

3. No showroom

Last but not least our mattress store is just designed to be a different type of mattress shopping experience. We don’t have a showroom or any of the things that make it so that we have to charge more for our beds. Instead we just have our mattresses in storage and we try to match people with the correct bed for them based on what they are looking for.

Anyone who is looking for a new bed in the UNCC Area of Charlotte NC is welcome to stop by. Come and see why our mattress store is the best mattress store out there!

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The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

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