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Boxspring and Mattress Sets, Charleston – Are They Worth It?

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With so many mattress types available in the market today, you might wonder why boxspring and mattress sets, Charleston, remain popular. In fact, even in our store, many buyers choose this option.

Just like our customers, you might also be inclined to buy a boxspring in addition to your new mattress. Why? That way, you can save some good amount, and the delivery would not be a hassle since you do it for both items only once. So, instead of buying them as separate items, consider buying both at the same time.

Is it necessary to buy a box spring? While a mattress can be used even without a box spring, here are some important reasons why a lot of people also buy the latter in addition to their new mattress:

Ideal foundation for your mattress. The use of a boxspring gives an advantage specifically when you have a not-so-flat surface. It can help prevent early sagging as it gives good foundation and stability for your mattress. Without it, you might just wake up one morning realizing that you need to buy a new mattress sooner than its expected lifespan.

A requirement for warranty. A lot of (if not all) mattress manufacturers require buyers to purchase a boxspring for warranty purposes. According to the article published on Sleep Like The Dead, a popular mattress review site, “mattresses often do have their warranties voided due to the use of an improper foundation / frame.” And, although there are other products that offer added support for your mattress such as adjustable bases and platform beds, the box spring standard still widely popular to lots of manufacturers as part of their warranty requirements.

Affordable alternative for mattress support. Contrary to other options such as adjustable bases and platform beds, box springs are the cheaper option. If budget is your top concern, choosing a box spring can be your most viable option to consider.

Ease of use. Because this item elevates a mattress from the floor, using boxspring and mattress sets, Charleston, gives the user a more easy way to get on and off the bed.

For top notch quality boxspring and mattress sets, Charleston, contact Wholesale Mattress today at: (843) 744-3337

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