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8 Practical Tips to Break In Your New Mattress

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Let’s say you just bought a new mattress, brought it home, and now it’s time to sleep. The moment you lie on it, you find that it’s too firm and probably, not as comfy as you expected.

This can leave you worried: ‘how will I break in this mattress?’ Well, the experience may not be so good, but the good thing is that the break-in period for your new mattress can be short.

It’s normal for many new mattresses to be too firm because the elements have not yet become flexible (like a test mattress in the store) decreasing the comfort level. So don’t worry. We are here to spill more details on new mattress firmness and mattress materials, and how you can break it and how long it the break-in period can take. Keep reading.

Why Do You Need To Break In Your Mattress And How Long Does It Take?

Like a pair of shoes, jeans and even car engines, mattresses (every mattress type) take some time to adjust. That’s why you may find your new mattress quite hard and not comfortable at the beginning of your trial period. After all, your body was used to the old flexible mattress, hence the change.

Comfortability is the primary reason why you need to break your new mattress. And on average, the breaking process or the adjustment period can take 30 to 90 days. The period depends on the type of mattress (latex mattresses, memory foam beds, or firm mattress) and the pressure applied to it.

8 Tips and Tricks for Breaking In a New Mattress

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you break Here are a few tips and tricks to help you with the break-in process for your new mattress:

1. Allow the Mattress to Breathe

If you bought the mattress online and had to be shipped for long hours, the chances are high that it was wrapped in a paper/bag.

When packing, the mattress was compressed to fit well, and this can affect its usability. So, if you just received your mattress, you can allow it to breathe and relax. You should unwrap it, place it in the foundation/bed and then leave it uncovered for at least 24 hours proir to sleeping on it.

Ensure that no one sleeps on the bed or places hard projects during that time for it to Ensure that no one sleeps on the bed or places hard projects during that time for it to breathe well.

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2. Put Pressure on It

If you don’t like the idea of leaving your new mattress to rest, then you can apply some pressure on it. The pressure you apply should entirely depend on the type of mattress. For instance, if you have a latex mattress or memory foam mattress, you can crawl, jump or walk on the mattress. You can also try the different sleeping position options on your new bed as well. For the inner-springs mattresses, you will have to be gentler, as the mattress softer than others; hence, you can try walking on it.

Note: you should not wear high-heeled shoes when walking on the mattress. Also, you should not use sharp objects when applying pressure on your new mattress to avoid damaging it.

3. Try To Warm It

Did you know that a memory-foam mattress responds to heat? If you have a memory foam mattress, mattress experts say to try to increase the temperature in the room. For instance, you can turn on the heating systems in the room. The heat makes the foam in the mattress expand and become more malleable, thus reducing the excessive firmness in it, creating a comfortable mattress for you to sleep on.

Note: warming only works well in situations where you are in a hurry to use your new mattress. Otherwise, excessive heating may make you uncomfortable and may also increase the energy bills.

4. Use a Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is one of the easiest ways of softening your new mattress. However, it only works well in situations where only the top part of the mattress is hard.

Mattress toppers come in a wide array of materials, including latex, memory foam, cotton, wool, and so on. The topper should support your body well when sleeping and assist in exerting pressure on your new mattress to become more flexible.

5. Check the Foundation

Different types of mattresses require different foundations. Your new mattress may be uncomfortable simply because you are using the wrong foundation. For instance, if you were using an innerspring mattress and now have a memory firm, you should remove the spring box foundation for the memory foam mattress to be stable.

Similarly, you may need a spring box for your new innerspring mattress. When you use the proper foundation, the mattress becomes more stable and comfortable as well.

6. Sleep On It

Some beds take months to adjust/become soft. They only become soft after consistent use. An excellent example of such a mattress is the hybrid mattress. Instead of ditching it and sleeping on your couch, you can decide to sleep on your new mattress every day to speed up the breaking process.

Note: most companies require the clients to sleep in the new mattress for a number of days consistently. These firms understand that many people experience adjustment issues when they buy new mattresses.

For instance, a company may give you a free sleeping trial for the mattress. And if that period elapses and the bed is still very hard, you can return it for an exchange or advice.

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7. Flip the Mattress

If your bed is flip-able, then you can try out the other side. Some mattress companies make mattresses with different firmness levels to ensure that every user is satisfied. For instance, you may find that one side of the mattress is too hard, and the other side is soft. If your mattress is not breaking despite the efforts, flipping can help!

8. Be Patient!

Sometimes, the best quality mattress may take an extended time to break because of the materials’ firmness. This is normal. Do not stress yourself over the matter. Try to sleep on the mattress daily, put weight on it, and make sure you are using the proper foundation. Be patient, and your body will adjust. Some mattresses are just hard and are meant to stay firm all through.

If All Fail, Seek Help!

The comfort of your bed is essential for your back and spinal health. If your new mattress still doesn’t break after the above attempts, seek help. You can return it to the manufacturer or switch to another option.

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It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to break in a new mattress, depending on the type of mattress and your personal preferences.
Yes, you can sleep on your new mattress right away. In fact, it’s recommended to start breaking it in as soon as possible.
Some ways to speed up the break-in process include walking on the mattress, using a mattress topper, and rotating the mattress regularly.

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