Buying a holiday gift? Come to Wholesale Mattress Warehouse

The holiday season is here, and for many, it could mean one thing: a perfect time for gift-giving. Why not? It’s nice to conclude a fruitful year by sharing some of the blessings we have received in the past year to our loved ones.

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Apart from being a discount mattress store, South Charlotte, NC, and best mattress store, we are also known for our free shipping – that is for deliveries within 15 miles from our store location. If you are located beyond the 15 mile radius, all you need to do is to pay $2/mile shipping fee in each mile after the 15 mile radius.

We also offer a 200% cash back price guarantee. Our mattress warehouse is full of discounted mattresses, but aside from offering you discounts right away, we also give you a 200% cash back price guarantee to all our mattresses. That is, you can get a refund of 200% of the difference in instant cash if you are able to find a comparable mattress somewhere else that is priced lower than what we offer.

Lastly, we have various payment options available. Aside from CASH or CHECK payment, we are accepting credit card payment as well. This is to ensure we are able to accommodate customers in the area who choose to pay via a cashless system.

So, planning to buy a new mattress? Buy at a discount mattress store, South Charlotte, NC and best mattress store – Wholesale Mattress Warehouse.

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