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I can’t be the only one who finds it ironic that people will spend money on sleep therapy, chiropractors, and other gimmicks that promise to relieve you of your sleep problems, but will not invest in a new mattress. When most consumers are asked why they do not replace their old mattress many people say, “it is too expensive to buy a new mattress”, and then they go out and spend a ridiculous amount on other products that are meant to improve how you sleep at night.

Two things here are a bit off:

#1.) It is a common misconception that new brand name mattresses have to be expensive. When you shop at a discount mattress retailer you can actually get a fantastic posturepedic, mattress at an extremely reasonable price.

#2.) Who are you kidding- if you added up the cost of all of the “sleep remedies” that you have wasted your money on over the years, you would likely be able to afford at least TWO new mattresses from the mattress warehouse in Charleston

A good night’s sleep doesn’t have to be expensive!

If you take a look at this consumer report: mattress-buying guide comparing some of the best brand names from companies like Ikea, Sealy and Costco the results are startling. When investigated, many of the brand name mattresses sold with the higher price point weren’t necessarily tested as the highest quality mattress around AND even more surprising was the evidence that supported that some of the lower priced mattress were not actually the lowest quality. What does this prove?

Well it is obvious that the consumer is being misled to believe that the price point determines the level of the mattresses quality and that cheap mattresses mean “low quality.” This is all just a marketing game and it absolutely isn’t true.

Buying A Mattress in Charleston has never been easier read more…

How In The World Am I Suppose To Buy a Mattress?

This is exactly why we always advise shoppers to stay away from the furniture showrooms when they are planning on buying a new mattress. There is no nice way to say it, salesmen will always try to “upsell you” and convince you to buy the most expensive mattress that they have in stock. They will use these tricks to attempt to manipulate you into believing that expensive actually does mean better, and then stick you with an extremely high bill plus commission, after selling you something you probably don’t need.

The best solution, shops at a discount mattress warehouse like the one in Charleston. We aren’t trying promoting our own interests here, we are just telling you the plain truth. Discount mattress retailers sell the exact same brand names, manufactured in the exact same factories as the expensive mattresses that you see in the furniture stores. The only difference is we are able to sell our mattresses at a discounted price because we purchase in bulk from overstock surplus and don’t operate with high overhead costs. By getting rid of the showrooms, and the suit garnished sales people we have been able to save our customers money and help them get a better night’s sleep with a brand new mattress. We don’t push our mattress bias on you trying to get you to buy a more expensive model. We understand, that there are quality mattresses available for people on a budget.

How It Works

The way that the discount mattress warehouses like the one in Charleston, operate is very different than the typical furniture gallery that you see. Basically, the way it works is you do the research, find a mattress brand and product that you like and then phone us to make an appointment.


We let you know what we have in stock that is comparable to the product that you have described and make a recommendation based on your budget, comfort preference and description of what you want. Then, you buy your mattress, and we have it delivered. No long-term high interest payment plans or other gimmicks just a reasonable exchange of business. It is so much easier, and the final outcome is that you get a better night sleep and we get to move a bit of inventory. It really is the easier way to go about buying a new mattress.

Ready To Buy A Mattress The Easy Way, Contact The Mattress Warehouse In Charleston!

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