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Cheap Mattress Store in Downtown Charlotte, Deals Worth Blogging About

You will want to start a mattress blog just to tell people about the deal you got at the cheap mattress store in Downtown Charlotte!

It is no secret that most people don’t like going shopping for a new mattress because of the amount that they cost. In fact this is the number one reason why so many people never follow the suggested 10-year replacement rule, regarding when you should buy a new bed. When the time comes to actually go buy a bed looking at the prices on them is enough to make you want to throw up. The worst part is, if you aren’t lucky enough to hear about the deals at The Mattress Warehouse, you will probably end up paying that choking high price in order to get the new bed that you are after.



Get Over Your Fear of Mattress Shopping

This is why we continue to blog about the cheap mattress store in Downtown Charlotte. In case you haven’t heard the Mattress Warehouse is much different than those other furniture stores. They sell their mattresses at the lowest possible prices.

I know, at first it may sound fishy. Our store does not look like the other furniture galleries that you have become accustomed to. There are no suit wearing sales people, or a gymnasium sized room with mattresses in it for you to lie down on. Instead, all the mattress store in Downtown Charlotte has is a warehouse inventory of well-known brands and mattress styles, all “on sale” for a reasonable price.

We sell mattresses differently too. When customers come to us the first thing we inquire about is their budget. We don’t make fancy financing arrangements or try to convince you to buy a bed you cannot afford. All you have to do is tell us how much you are hoping to spend, and what size and style you are looking for- then, we make recommendations based on our current stock. It is that simple.

With other mattress stores continuously inflating their prices it comes as no surprise that so many people dread going mattress shopping. By retailing our mattresses at much lower prices we can take away some of that concern and make the bed buying experience pleasant and easy. Instead of overwhelming our customers with options we present mattress selections to you based on what you can afford as well as your sleep preferences. This is what sets our cheap mattress store in Downtown Charlotte apart from others, and makes it worth blogging about.

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The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

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