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Matress Warehouse Grand Opening Cherry Hill NJ

Approximately 2000 hours are spent in bed sleeping per year, that is over 20% of your life considering how hard the average American individual works I feel like they deserve to enjoy that 20% don’t you? If you suffer from chronic insomnia or just find yourself tossing and turning all night long, you aren’t getting a good nights sleep and if you have not purchased a new mattress in the last 10 years or more then I bet would bet you good money that the mattress you are currently using is the most likely cause.

Many individuals believe the common misconception that quality mattresses have to be expensive. In fact over 60% of people we polled said that they have never even been to a mattress store because they were afraid of the sticker shock? Well we find it hard to believe that 60% of the population is sleeping on handy-me down or liquidation mattresses? They must be buying their beds somewhere.

What would you say if I told you that most furniture stores gouge customers on the cost of a new mattress? They make large commission off of your motivation or need to buy, taking advantage of the fact that people typically don’t price compare on mattress purchases. They lead you to believe that they are offering you a great deal on brand name pillow top or memory foam because they advertise savings on already inflated prices.

A different experience when you but from Mattress Warehouse the discount mattress store Cherry Hill NJ

Mattress Warehouse the discount mattress store in Cherry Hill NJ, has a different approach to selling brand name mattresses than the average furniture retailer. We are a brand name Mattress Warehouse that carries surplus models direct from the manufactures. Instead of charging duplicated prices on these quality models only to discount them later, we offer you the best possible value for your money right off the bat. There is no after-thought price flipping, the advertised value IS THE BEST PRICE we can offer.

If you live in the Cherry Hill NJ we want to see you at Mattress Warehouse the discount mattress store Cherry Hill NJ Grand Opening. Our friendly sleep experts want to talk to you about how you intend to spend the next 20% of your life. We deal in specialty surplus meaning that we will have the exact same thousand dollar mattresses available at affordable discount rates. Instead of wowing you with showrooms, sales gimmicks and large-scale advertising we have zero overhead, just discount mattresses plain and simple.

Reason To Buy A New Mattress Right Now

In order to commemorate our Mattress Warehouse the discount mattress store Grand Opening in Cherry Hill NJ, we are offering sleep consultations to all of our first time clients. By talking to you about your specific “sleep-quality” needs, we can recommend the perfect discount mattress option for you. We’ve overstocked our wear house with the most sought-after mattress brands and need to clear space just to move so if your in the market for a better nights sleep be sure to come and see us at our grand opening celebration.

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