Common issues a buyer can encounter at a mattress store in Matthews, NC (and how to address them)

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Being a distributor of top quality mattresses for many years, Wholesale Mattress Warehouse has served many clients across different states, including those customers in Matthews, NC. Over the years, our company has built a long list of happy customers, and the reason is simple – we address customer-related issues with grace (aside from offering high quality products).

Speaking of customer-related issues, we wanted to present some of the most common issues encountered by our buyers, including those who visit at our mattress store in Matthews, NC. We also give suggestions so that those who come to our store will find mattress shopping a lot easier.

So, what are those issues? Some of them are the following:

The challenge of choosing the right mattress – Many customers who come to our mattress store in Matthews, NC are not totally prepared in the sense that they seem not aware of what particular type or brand of mattress they are looking for. For buyers’ convenience, we suggest that buyers do their homework – a little research, reading product reviews, testing brands or types of mattresses they find – before going to Wholesale Mattress Store (or to any mattress store) it matters a lot most especially when it comes to saving time.

Skeptical on discounts and money back guarantees – Here at our store, we guarantee a 200% cash back price guarantee. It is understandable that first time buyers can be a little skeptic of these deals. To address this, we suggest buyers to ask around, read reviews for counter fact-checking. Whatever deals we offer at our mattress store in Matthews, NC (and of course, at our other branches), we mean it. Rest assured our company delivers what it promises as customer satisfaction is on the top of our priorities.

Customer assistance – Some buyers may complain about not being attended immediately. At Wholesale Mattress Warehouse, we always aim to serve buyers with the utmost care. There might be times that some buyers are not attended to immediately, but the reason for that is simply because there are occasions, just like in other stores, that we cannot always serve all customers at the same time, most especially during peak hours.

Over the years we’ve continued to improve our processes, so customer satisfaction is at the highest level the industry can offer.

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