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Anybody who buys a new mattress wants to get the best deal that the market can offer. Here are some useful insights that can help navigate the maze of the mattress market and find the best product in Kannapolis, NC:

Mattress weight counts. Heavier mattresses usually signifies that they come with more quality materials in them. Customers must take into account the weight most especially if they are a fan of strong, long-lasting steel coils. In today’s market, there are those that offer mattresses weighing about 120 lbs as compared to the usual mass-produced mattresses weighing about 90 lbs.

Watch out for Internet-only stores. While Internet offers a new and easy access to information about prospective mattress stores in Kannapolis, NC, scams are prevalent online and that is a reason enough to be more cautious. Watch out for those Internet-only stores that boast they have their own manufacturing facilities, but in reality, are outsourcing the products from a third party elsewhere. When looking for a good prospect, a physical address or store should be one of the criteria to look at.

Look for stores having their own manufacturing facility or warehouse. When a mattress store makes its own mattress or when it has its own warehouse, it means that buying from them cuts out the ‘middleman,’ which also means more opportunity for cost-saving.

Wholesale Mattress Warehouse – provider of quality mattresses, Kannapolis, NC

For years the Wholesale Mattress Warehouse has been serving customers in Kannapolis, NC and the neighboring areas. We are serving customers who are looking for the best mattress store in Kannapolis, NC and Wesley Chapel, NC. Visit our mattress stores in these areas today.

Call us at 704.332.8090 for inquiries.


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