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Many people believe that mattress shopping is a daunting and expensive process that cannot possibly be easy or enjoyable for anyone. I am writing this blog to stomp out this idea once and for all. When you shop at the Discount Mattress Gastonia, there is only one-way to describe the shopping process: It is easy.


Whether you are the kind of person who extremely picky and want their bed to be “just right” or if you really do not care what kind of bed you have as long as it’s better than the “lumpy old thing you have had since college”- you will appreciate the way that the Mattress Warehouse sells mattresses. We use a simple, 3-question process to narrow down the mattress options and save you time. After a quick conversation with one of our sales people, you can have a list of affordable mattress options presented to you all that will suit your personal preferences AND won’t be over your budget.

How is this possible?

The way that we help people buy mattresses is probably a bit different than what you are used to from the fancy furniture stores.

First of all, we start off by getting the awkward “money” conversation out of the way. By asking people blatantly what their budget is, we can eliminate some options and present them with some beds that they can actually afford. This works much better than following your around a furniture gallery and watching you lay down on the beds only to shock you with the price later on.

Another thing we do to make the mattress buying process a bit simpler is identify what size of bed you need right off the start. Don’t worry, if you say you want a queen we will only show you queen sized mattresses. (None of those upselling you to a king that won’t fit in your bedroom shenanigans!)

Finally, we find out what kind of beds you will like by simply asking you about your sleep preferences. There is no quiz or silly survey. We just want to know what firmness level you sleep better on. It isn’t rocket science.

After having this simply conversation with we can figure out a few suitable options to show you and you can pick a bed. It really isn’t a hassle to do and you may even find that you have enjoyed the process. You certainly will enjoy your new bed.

The way that we do things at the discount mattress store is a bit different but in a good way. You’ll never feel stressed about mattress shopping again.

Don’t believe me? Come try it for your self. Visit us at the Discount Mattress Store in Gastonia.

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