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Discount Mattress North Charleston SC, What Makes Us Unique

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Last month we were talking about what makes Charleston Mattress Warehouse the best mattress store in the Charleston area.

Besides offering the lowest prices on a new mattress we are also dedicated to providing fantastic customer service that is 100% pressure free. When you shop at discount Mattress North Charleston SC, you can rest assured that price you see is the price that you will get. Our sales people do not get paid on commission so we do not have to use pushy gimmicks to get our customers to buy. Instead we rely on an honest value system based on the belief that people should not have to pay outrageous prices for a good night’s sleep.

Our Discount Mattress Store In North Charleston Makes Mattress Shopping Fun

At the Charleston Mattress Warehouse, we feel proud that our business is honest. Unlike furniture galleries we do not have our overhead operation costs built into the price of our mattresses. In fact, we have trimmed all the fat from the mattress buying experience to offer out products at the lowest price imaginable. We don’t have showrooms, or suited up sales people but we do have high-quality mattresses. Instead of advertising our businesses with sales offers and other gimmicks we ALWAYS sell our mattresses at a lower price, that is just how we do things.

When a new customer walks through the door we don’t have to convince them to buy from us. People come to the discount mattress store in North Charleston, NC because they have already made up their mind to buy a new mattress. Why else would they be there?

Our job is to make the experience easy and stress free. We do this by asking questions about your budget, lifestyle, and sleep preferences and then we match you to a high quality mattress that we have in stock.
Don’t worry; if you are looking for something in particular, we carry all the same well-known brands as the furniture stores. The only difference is our prices are lower. This doesn’t mean that our inventory is limited; We still have a fantastic selection of popular mattresses including Posturepedic, memory foam, and traditional spring. Not to mention we carry the brands that you are already familiar with.

The Charleston Mattress Warehouse, Almost To Good To Be True

When people leave the Charleston Mattress Warehouse with a new mattress they feel good about making the choice to buy with us. Because our prices are so reasonable, many people leave with a better mattress then they ever though that they could afford. This makes our customers happy and us happy too!

We love helping people find a new mattress that is affordable because we know that they will sleep better, feel better, and that they will be happy with their decision to shop with us!

Come See Us In North Charleston! Get Directions To The Charleston Mattress Warehouse Here: Location and Direction

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