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How to tell when you should visit the discount mattress store in North Charleston

Knowing when to replace your bed in North Charleston is no easy task. Most people don’t think about their mattress to often so you may have no idea what condition it is in.

In today’s blog we are going to share some pointers for determining when it it is time to buy a new bed.

Does your back hurt?

The first sign that your bed may need to be replaced is if your back or shoulders hurt when you wake up. An aching neck may also be a sign that your bed is worn out.

One way to tell is if you tend to sleep better away from home.

If this sounds like something that you are experiencing then you should consider replacing your bed as soon as possible.

Have you looked at your mattress recently?

Another sure sign that your bed needs to be replaced is if it has visible signs of wear. Inspect your mattress closely, does it have any rips or tears. Looks for things like springs that stick out or visible holes. You will also want to see if your bed is beginning to sag in the centre.

Checking for these things will tell you if you need a new bed or not.

How old is your bed?

Lastly, if you aren’t certain whether or not your bed needs to be replaced try to remember when you bought it. Beds that are ten or more years old should be replaced for hygiene reasons.

Sleeping on an old be isn’t good for you! Figuring out when you need to replace your old mattress shouldn’t be rocket science. Try to take into account these three important things; comfort, appearance and age. Doing this will help you know when it is time to head to your nearest mattress store in North Charleston.

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