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Discount Mattress Store Shelby NC, Should You Purchase A Used Bed?

The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

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We’ve been writing this discount mattress store Shelby NC blog for awhile now and have never addressed this very commonly asked question: “Should I buy a used bed?”

Most people think that the reason why we do not recommend people buying old beds is because we want them to come and buy new beds from us. Okay, that is true to a certain extent. However, it really isn’t the main reason why it isn’t a wise ideas to purchase used beds. In our post today we will explain the two very real reasons why we personally don’t suggest buying a used mattress.

1. You don’t know the bed’s history

We’ve mentioned before that beds should be replaced every 8-10 years for health reasons. When you buy an old bed you don’t really know how old that bed actually is. For all you know it may be older than your current bed and be in worse condition!

Also, you have to think about the bacteria and dirt build up in that bed. Most people don’t feel comfortable taking a bed that has been slept on by someone else for many years into their home.

2. You may not be getting a great deal

Just because the bed is being sold as a used bed doesn’t mean that you are getting a great deal. Because discount mattress stores (like ours) sell brand name beds at a discount, you can’t be certain how much the previous owner paid. Who knows, they may even be charging you more than what they paid for a bed in “like new” condition!

We say go for “actually new” condition instead.

Pretend for a minute that we don’t sell mattresses. Do you really want a bed that someone else has slept on hundreds of times? Also would you feel comfortable paying more for a used bed that you may be able to buy cheaper somewhere else!

Okay, so if you want our professional opinion we say NO do not buy a used mattress. However, if you need something to get you buy then using one while you save up to buy a new one might be okay.

Before you go that route come and see us at The Discount Mattress Store in Shelby NC. We will provide you with some affordable budget-friendly options for a new bed.

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