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How to CHOOSE the perfect mattress?

  1. Any buyer must not immediately be influenced by misleading claims and proposals on mattresses. You really do not have any idea how much it would cost you more if you give in to them. Be careful of the misconceptions enumerated below regarding COMFORT:
  •  Mattresses which have more number of springs than others provide more comfort.
  •  Mattresses with labels such as “orthopedic”, “posture-pedic”, and other medical jargon are more comfortable.
  • The firmer the mattress, the more it is comfortable.

Often manufacturers advertise their products flaunting medical jargon on their labels to entice more buyers. But little do you know that most often than not, these terms would only mean they have doubled the number of intended springs to cheat the comfort factor.

Note that COMFORT VARIES in each type of mattresses and it usually matters on the materials mixed in making them. The comfort you get from cheap mattress in Cherry Hills NJ does not depend on the cardinality of springs embedded in them. It is instead based on how these springs have been constructed and coiled in order to make up for the amount of support the mattress as a whole could give. It is also wrong to correlated firmness with comfort. I guess the key here is moderation—not too soft, not too hard.

Comfort must then be measured by how well is its support structure. Affected by personal preference, comfortable mattresses must be able to provide the needed support whenever a user or buyer lies, rests, or sleeps on them. So do not easily fall into their baits done by mattress advertisements claiming the ultimate solution for back problems and sleepless nights.

  1. If you have internet at home, use it to CHECK REVIEWS—for they may reveal the best and worst—on different discount mattresses before you purchase one for yourself. Reading online reviews will not only keep you away from low qualities or overpriced items, but it will also guide you in choosing what really is the most appropriate type of mattress which best suits your needs and preferences. But one must also be careful and therefore filter the inputs you take in. Read at your own risk because there might just be reviews which are not actually true.
  1. If you are not satisfied with what you have checked on the available mattresses reviews, you might wanna head to the stores and TRY A MATTRESS before you buy it. When you try touching its surface or lie on it (if possible), you will be able to assess it yourself if it can guarantee the comfort you prefer for your cheap mattress.

It is also advisable for the buyers to wear comfortable clothing and remove their outdoor gears before trying on different mattresses. When you go shopping for discount mattress, lie on each for five to ten minutes. Make sure you were able to do different sleeping positions, especially those you normally sleep in with.

Make sure you do not miss this chance because you have been told by one of the sales assistants which one is the best seller. Do not allow any sales talk influence your preference because at the end of the day, it is you who will be sleeping on it and not any of the sales assistants nor those who bought the same items. Remember, they cannot decide whether such mattress will grant you the comfort you expect as this assessment varies from person to person too.

Also, make sure that your mattress will not be the kind that will restrict your movement too much because this is definitely a NO-NO when it comes to comfort! You may also want to sit on the edge of the mattress and check for yourself if it is firm or saggy. Of course, it should be the former that you will choose so the mattress would last longer. But then again, do not be too hard on the concept of FIRM.

  1. You see, the experience from choosing from several options of cheap mattress available in the market until the portion of buying one for yourself can be really exhausting most often than not. That is why one is not expected to shop for beds when you have been working or doing other stuff all day. In short, tired. Else, you will be having a hard time making up your mind of what to buy, because any mattress will really feel comfortable to a tired body. So if you think you have been exhausted, take a REST FIRST.
  1. Last but not least, check the GUARANTEE and see what is covered! Unfortunately, in most cases, guarantees for mattresses will not cover gradual wear and tear leading to loss of support. However, it still pays to check on the different guarantees that come with each discount mattress so that you will know your rights and how can they be protected when a problem with your mattress arises. There really are certain things you do which you never thought could void any mattress guarantee, like removing labels or using a base other than a recommended one.


How to USE?

1. After bringing home the mattress you bought, you would perhaps think of what to do with its plastic covers which were intended to keep any dust from settling while on display, storage or delivery. Most bed mattresses have a distinctive chemical smell so it is really advisable to REMOVE THE PLASTIC COVER, allowing it to be exposed in the air for a week before using it so the chemical smell will evaporate and absolutely be gone. Removing the plastic cover will also prevent your mattress from rotting as the mattress might not be able to breathe if left covered, thereby locking moisture in. This moisture may be due to the change of temperature in the room where the mattress is placed. If not attended, it will weaken the structure inside and rot.

  1. BED BASE provides an added convenience in the use of mattresses. If you plan on buying them separately or wanting to keep your old base, you must ensure the two will complement each. Dimensions for specified types of discount mattress or cheap mattress may change through time. So do not expect that the new batch would just exactly be the same size as the old ones, like the one you have at home. This is why manufacturers nowadays encourage you to purchase a bed base along with its mattress, especially when you have been using your old base for a couple of years already. So again, the measuring part must not be skipped.
  1. Modernization has brought several modifications which somehow contribute to the evolution of discount mattresses in Cherry Hills NJ we now have. Considering that there are added features to give you ease and facility on your individual use of mattresses, you SHOULD USE them! For example, most of them already have handles attached with the mattresses to aid the user during flipping, positioning and turning them.  It is necessary to flip your mattress over and rotate end to end every after three months to help upholstery fillings to settle down, if not scattered, more evenly. This may be tiresome to do but it really pays a lot if you want to prolong the life of your mattress.
  1. Some cheap mattresses  now have removable covers. Some of which are even sold and bought separately. They are now made removable not just to allow user modifications but also to provide cleaning measures. The users may now wash them and be able to remove dirt and stain. Bedclothes are also recommended to be thrown back in the morning, leaving the bed uncovered for about fifteen to twenty minutes and letting it breathe. This would allow the body moisture like perspiration to evaporate.
  1. In order to extend the life, more particularly the springs, of your discount mattress in Cherry Hills NJ, refrain from sitting on the edge of it regularly and keep your kids away from bouncing on it. If your mattress is stained and you find it time-consuming to remove the sheet, use instead of a cloth with mild detergent and warm (or cold) water to clean it. Note that soaking the whole mattress will never ever be a good idea because it will take longer for it to dry out. Consider vacuuming it instead from time to time.

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The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

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