Even More Sleep Tips, Mattress Store in Largo

Need some help getting to sleep at night? Here are some sleep tips from The Discount Mattress Store in Largo

Have you tried everything that you can think of to cure your insomnia but you are still having a difficult time falling asleep? Buying a new mattress may be one way to improve the quality of your sleep at night but there are also a few others. Today, we share some helpful sleep tips for individuals who have tried everything and still can’t fall asleep!

1. Get Blackout Curtains and Stay Out of The Light

Some people are particularly sensitive to light, and find it disruptive to their natural circadian rhythms. Once it gets to be late at night using blackout curtains and dim lighting can help you prepare your body and mind for rest.

2. Don’t Smoke or Drink Before Bed

Alcohol and cigarettes are bad for your health and can screw up your sleep patterns. If you are suffering from insomnia try giving up drinking and smoking to see if it helps. Even if you cannot cut these habits out altogether try to avoid smoking and drinking before you go to bed.

3. Say No To Coffee

Most of use caffeine to help us overcome our tiredness, making it something that you want to avoid if you are trying to fall asleep. Some people are extremely caffeine sensitive and should not drink coffee at all. If you suspect that this is you try switching to decaf and see if you notice a difference!

4. Establish A Bedtime Routine

People who lead very high stress lives tend to be prone to sleep problems because they have a hard time settling down for the night. If this appears to be the problem then creating a relaxing bedtime routine may be the trick. Try reading a chapter of a book or doing some Yoga poses before you climb into bed. Create a calming environment around you and meditate your thoughts on rest and relaxation.

5. Stop Trying So Hard

Could the route cause of your sleep deprivation be trying too hard to go to sleep? Stressing about not getting enough sleep may be keeping you awake. For this reason if you aren’t able to sleep- try getting up and doing something else until you feel tired. Don’t get caught up in the “why am I not sleeping yet?” cycle of thought. Instead, keep yourself busy until your eyes begin to feel heavy and then try going back to bed.