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When was the last time you walked through a fancy furniture store? Those places are pretty frightening when you take into consideration how pushy the sales people can be. To make matters worse the prices are absolutely outrageous. Regardless of whether or not you actually need a new bed, just visiting one of these stores can make you want to go home and sleep on the floor instead.

A recent bit of insider information revealed that the mark up on most brand name mattresses is over 200%. This seems pretty steep considering all you do with your bed is sleep on it. Not to mention there was another report that came out that stated that most beds are essentially identical. Pretty much, the manufacturers are just sticking different labels on them just to charge us more. This is pretty annoying don’t you think?

With all of this information it is hard to know what is true and what is false when it comes to mattress buying. I can tell you right now that it isn’t a lie when they say that you will spend over half of your lifetime asleep. This is the main reason why it is important to have at least some sort of bed to sleep on. They also aren’t making things up when they say that your older mattress needs to be replaced if it is more than 10 years old. This is because sleeping on a worn out mattress can cause damage to your spinal chord and cause obnoxious back pain.

What is a person to do? Clearly, you actually require a bed so how can you get one without falling for the old furniture store tricks? My personal suggestion is that you check out the Affordable Mattress Store in Charleston. They carry a huge selection of mattresses that are listed at way more stomach-able price point. The people who work there aren’t so bad either. They will provide you with fantastic mattress buying advice so you can find a bed that is comfortable but that also suits your budget.

Never Overpay For A New Mattress Again

Knowing what you know about furniture stores, you will never want to visit one again. Instead, you can now head over to your local Discount Mattress Warehouse and get your bed there. This way you’ll save money and still have a place to sleep at night.

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