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Finding Quality Mattress Store in the North Charleston, SC

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Apart from price, one important thing you must consider when buying a new mattress or any other product for that matter is the quality. After all, you cannot afford to pay a good amount of money for a mattress that could last only a year or two, forcing you to buy a new one thereafter. How can you be sure that the store you are dealing with of North Charleston in South Carolina offers good quality mattresses? What are the criteria that you should include in your quality checklist? What are the red flags? – These are just a few questions that must be addressed when looking for a mattress store in the area.

Some things that should be included in your quality checklist:

Product specifications – this includes the material specifications (the kind of material used); the technical specifications, which include the mattress dimensions as well as the added features that the store competitors’ products might not have. These specifics should meet what you are looking for from a mattress or at least meet the specifications recommended by reputable buyers in North Charleston.

Mattress lifespan – mattresses with better quality could last six years (when used in master’s bedroom) up to 10 years (guest room). So, do not forget to ask the store about how long its product could last. You’ll want to avoid buying a mattress for a thousand bucks only to replace it with a new one in a year or two.

Added features – digging more into the issue of added features, you might want to check about mattress ergonomics. The product should not only be aesthetically pleasing but provide comfort as well, avoiding health issues such as back pain, worsening sleep apnea, etc.

The store’s reputation – you should not only look at the product itself but also the store that is selling it. The mattress might be of good quality but what if after buying certain issues arise? Thus, you have to ask yourself: Do the people running the store provide excellent customer support? Do they accept feedbacks and take the necessary actions to address them? — How can you know? One good way to know whether it has a good reputation is to listen to what other customers are saying about it. There are lots of good sources of information you can use as reference – both online and offline. Better Business Bureau is one good example of a company that you can refer to when it comes to checking a seller’s reputation; it rates businesses according to certain criteria or standards. So, check out which mattress suppliers in North Charleston, SC who got better ratings from BBB.

Potential red flags:

When buying online – be cautious when buying through an online facility; see to it that you have done your research and you are sure with the site you are browsing at. Common scams online include copying the content (verbatim) as well as the design; a website might appear to be a legit seller but check the URL – it could show otherwise.

Free delivery – make sure you ask if a store’s ‘free shipping’ is really free and not ‘fee shipping’. Be careful as some sellers use ‘free shipping’ to entice but you end-up paying for it when you finally check the hidden costs.

Negative reviews – the internet offers lots of reviews for any products you could think of. Make sure you check business review sites. For companies in North Charleston, SC, you can check sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Amazon, or Google Business – some websites that provide access to information, reviews based on geographic locations. When you find that your prospective seller has far more negative reviews than the positive ones, you should have a second thought about buying from it.

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