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mattress store summerville scI used to drive the discount mattress store location in Summerville, SC several times a week during my commute to work. I’d often thought to myself that I would check it out the next time my husband and I went mattress shopping. However, I hadn’t looked into checking it out seriously until a few months ago when my husband began complaining about chronic back problems. The first thing that his doctor suggested was that we look into buying a new mattress, at first I thought it was a ridiculous proposition after all it seemed like we have JUST BOUGHT our expensive Posturepedic from the furniture store only a few years ago, however when I began to think about it I realized that over ten years had past since we had replaced our mattress and box spring. I was surprised at how I’d never realized before that our old mattress was getting warn out.

Desperate to find a solution for my husbands back problems I began to research quality mattress brands in order to make an informed choice. Never before had I consider all of the different options that were available; in fact you could almost say that I was overwhelmed with mattress research. Who would of thought such a seemingly simple purchase could get complicated so fast.

Once I had decided on a mattress brand and approximate budget I began to look for a furniture store in Summerville SC that would price-match the sales, which I had seen, online.  I didn’t wish to pay the expensive shipping cost of buying from an online retailer and I couldn’t afford to spend the extra money purchasing the mattress at an outrageous price from a showroom. Unfortunately nearly all of the retailers I called refused to sell me the same mattress at the direct from manufacture price. They informed me that had “sleep specialists” in-house and to come in to see a sales person before making my final decision. I really wasn’t overly impressed with their attitudes because I knew that as soon as I put my foot in the door they would try to up-sell me to a more expensive box spring and mattress that I simply could not afford.

It was actually my husband who reminded me about the discount mattress warehouse in Summerville SC, you know the one I mentioned before that I drove past nearly every day. I wondered if by chance they could offer me a better price on the brand name mattress set that I was after so I decided to speak to one of their associates and find out what exactly they were all about.

The Difference Between a Discount Mattress Retailer and A Furniture Store

The friendly discount mattress associate that I spoke to was happy to meet us at the Summerville location that afternoon to look at some inventory. While we were going over some comparable options she explained to me how discount mattress retailers were different then regular furniture stores.

Unlike expensive furniture stores, the mattress warehouses try to operate with minimal overhead so that they can sell their products without monumental price mark ups. Typically, the mattresses you buy from a discount distributer are sold at direct from manufacture pricing or with minimal commissions to the retailer. The models may in some cases be overstock or last years models but they are 100% genuine and authentic, identical to the ones you see in the major furniture store chains.

A few nights later, as we fell asleep on the new mattress that we had purchased I couldn’t help but reflect on how easy it had been, and how much money we had saved just because we’d made the call to the discount mattress retailer in Summerville SC.

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