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How To Save Money Buy Purchasing Your Mattress From A Discount Mattress Store located in Marlton NJ

The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

Did you know that every year thousands of people “overpay” for new brand name mattresses from furniture showrooms? They visit big name furniture stores “just to have a look” and are talked into purchasing expensive bedroom furniture and mattresses by pushy salesmen who talk you into “thinking” that you are getting a great deal because things appear to be discounted large percentage points. However, the reality is that although the furniture might be on sale, the retailer already marked it up in order to pay for the expense of operating such a large-scale business. On top of that there is a commission to the salesperson built in so the consumer automatically have to pay for their services as well.

On one hand it doesn’t seem like anyone is being hurt, after all the consumers should know what they are getting into when they walk into a big chain store. However, it is too bad that more people are not aware of the existence of discount mattress stores like the one in Marlton NJ. Although there isn’t exactly a “prestigious” sales environment, the products that you purchase from mattress warehouse are exactly same as the ones found in these franchise furniture stores. How is this even possible you may wonder?

Why it is Cheaper to Buy From A Discount Mattress Retailer

The truth is that like all manufactures, the factories occasionally experience a product surplus of outdated models, which they need to move quickly in order to make room for new merchandise. Discount mattress retailers like the one in Marlton buy up this overstock at a lower price and sell them from them to consumers at a comparable direct-from manufacture price point. This is just one reason why these retailers can sell the same mattress at a lower price point then the furniture store.

Another reason why mattress warehouses can offer the BEST PRICING is because they do not operate the same as your typical store. Many discount mattress and box spring retailers require an appointment to speak to a consultant about their inventory. The consultant meets with the consumer and helps them choose a mattress based on their unique needs and budget. Depending on what the mattress retailer has in stock, the client may be able to get the EXACT SAME BRAND NAME mattress at an even lower price.

Finally, the main reasons why discount mattress retailers are cheaper are because they are not commission based and operate with little to no overhead. What you see is what you get, and instead of pushing financing or package furniture deals on the consumer they give you a blatant and clear price, cash and carry out options, without any extra hassle. In many ways it is a lot simpler to deal with a discount mattress retailer because you don’t have to jump through hoops or deal with shady salesmen. Instead you tell them what you need and want and they deliver it too you no questions asked. Mattress buying made easy!


When I hear other people swapping horror stories about how they paid the ridiculous franchise pricing for a new mattress only to see that same mattress on sale a few months later my heart breaks a little. I try to refer everyone I know to the discount mattress store in Marlton NJ, so that they don’t waste their money playing these kinds of “sales games”. Honestly, you’d probably have to PAY ME to go back to shopping for my bed “the old fashioned way” because I refuse to ever pay full price for a brand name mattress set ever again.

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