Is a Twin Right for Me?

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Is a Twin Right for Me?

A twin bed with storage may be the most practical solution for a smaller space, especially in a child or teen’s room. A twin bed dimensions fit well into smaller rooms and provide enough sleeping space for a child or single adult.

Twin Bed Dimensions

A twin bed dimensions make it a good choice for a child’s or teen’s room. Adults with a smaller frame may also find a twin size bed a good option. A twin bed dimensions are 75”x 39”, giving the sleeper just over a yard of space across and just over six feet of height, making it ideal for sleepers under 5’9” or so tall. In smaller rooms or apartments, a twin bed frame may fit nicely.

Twin Bed with Storage

With today’s trends toward smaller, more compact living, manufacturers are recognizing the need for dual purpose furniture. ATwin Bed, Twin Bed Dimensions twin bed with storage takes up the same place as a traditional twin bed frame, but has the added advantage of drawers or other spaces underneath for storing clothes, toys, and other items. In a teen’s room or shared bedroom, where space is often at a premium, a twin bed with storage can be an excellent choice for making the most of the space.

Twin over Full Bunkbed

Another popular option, especially for children’s rooms, is a twin over full bunk bed. The larger lower bed offers space for growing older children, while the twin on top provides ample room for guests or younger siblings. This is an idea option for shared children’s bedrooms or for kids who enjoy having sleepovers with their friends. Many families find that twin beds are versatile, useful, and fit their needs and budget. Stop on down to Mattress Warehouse today and explore the many affordable, quality options.

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