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King vs. Wyoming King vs. Texas King vs. Alaska King vs. California King: A King Bed Guide

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You’re probably familiar with the standard bed sizes in the market, including the queen mattress, full, twin, and king beds. One of the most popular types of beds that most people prefer when they have enough room space is the king-size bed!

Apart from regular bed sizes, you might have heard about oversized beds like Wyoming king, Texas king, Alaska king, and California king. These beds are perfect for couples or anyone looking for a more comfortable and spacious sleeping option. But, the most challenging part about shopping for king-size beds is getting the right one for you. Here’s a detailed guide on king beds.

Types of King Size Beds and What They’re Best for

Most people only know the regular king-size mattress and beds. However, king-size mattress and beds come in various dimensions, so you have many options to select from when shopping for a king-size mattresses and bed.

Regular King Bed

A king bed is a mattress sizes type that can comfortably accommodate at least two people and still have some extra space for a sizable pet or small kids. It comes in 80 inches in length and 76 inches in width. A king bed is the most popular and the widest mattress type among the standard-sized mattresses on the market and is usually found in the master bedroom.

A king bed is best for couples that love comfort, but they take a little more space than queen size beds. You can get the king-size bed if you’re worried about finding your mattress beddings. Since the king-size mattresses and bed are common in the market, you won’t strain to find the appropriate beddings.

Wyoming King Bed

A Wyoming king bed is an oversized custom mattress with dimensions 84 inches long and 84 inches wide. It has the same length as California, but it’s wider. The Wyoming king bed is one of the smallest oversized beds available on the market, but it’s still large enough for couples and most people who need extra sleeping space.

If you’re a tall couple for whom the traditional or regular king bed is not suitable, the Wyoming king bed is an excellent choice. It offers extra length, making it ideal for children or pets that would want to share your bed.

Texas King Bed

The Texas king-size mattress is the second largest in terms of oversized beds. The Texas king-size mattresses are slightly longer but narrower than the Wyoming king bed. It measures 98 inches long and 80 inches wide. You can expect the Texas king bed mattress to be pricier than the Wyoming king-size mattress.

The Texas king bed is ideal for anyone over six and a half feet who need more sleeping space. It’s also excellent if you have a bigger room or your kids love to cuddle up in your bed.

California King Bed

The California king bed is a more extended version of the queen-size bed. It’s slightly longer than the regular king bed and has dimensions of 84 inches long and 72 inches wide. However, this king bed is not great if you’re looking for a broader and longer king-size bed.

The California king bed will be excellent for you if you’re six feet tall or longer and have a narrower room.

Alaska King Bed

An Alaskan king bed is the largest bed size in the market, with dimensions of 108 inches long and 108 inches wide. It’s the king of all oversized beds and offers enough sleeping room for anyone!

The Alaska king bed is super comfortable for any large family who wants to spend their sleeping time together. However, when choosing an Alaska king bed, you need a spacious room that can comfortably accommodate it. Also, be ready to spend more than what you’d spend on your regular mattress.

Differences Between Oversized King Beds: King Vs. Wyoming King Vs. Texas King Vs. Alaska King Vs. California King

Before purchasing any oversized king beds, it’s crucial that you understand their differences to help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences. Shopping around and comparing different king bed options will help you select the perfect king bed.

The most significant differences between oversized king beds are often the sizing, which also determines the price. The larger the king bed sizing, the more it costs. Here are the main differences to look out for when shopping for king beds:

King Bed

  • Length: 80 inches
  • Width: 76 inches
  • Price Range: $600-$3,000
  • Room size recommendation: 12 by 12 feet

Wyoming King Bed

  • Length: 84 inches
  • Width: 84 inches
  • Price Range: $1,500-$3,000
  • Room size recommendation: 14 by 14 feet

Texas King Bed

  • Length: 98 inches
  • Width: 80 inches
  • Price Range: 16 by 14 feet
  • Room size recommendation: $2,000-$4,000

California King Bed

  • Length: 84 inches
  • Width: 72 inches
  • Price Range: $600-$3,000
  • Room size recommendation: 14 by 12 feet

Alaska King Bed

  • Length: 108 inches
  • Width: 108 inches
  • Price Range: $3,000-$5,000
  • Room size recommendation: 16 by 16 feet

Where Can You Find an Oversized King Bed?

Oversized king beds are not readily available in most in-store mattress retailers as the standard bed sizes. However, there are several mattress companies and stores with various king-size beds.

Some mattress brands are willing to work with you and custom-make your desired king bed mattress dimensions from scratch. Several mattress types include memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, latex mattresses, or innerspring mattresses.

You can also find king beds in various mattress stores near you, or you can search for specific companies that custom-make king-size beds online.

Why Would You Want a King Size Bed? Advantages

Do you have a spacious room that could accommodate a king mattress size bed? You might want to invest in a bigger, luxurious, and more comfortable king mattress size bed for several reasons.

Tall and Wide

King bed sizes are tall and wider than the standard bed sizes, making them ideal for people 6 feet tall and above. However, you don’t have to be tall to appreciate the extra space. King beds are great options if you share a bed and want to be comfortable.

Less Disturbance

King-size bed dimensions allow room for family and pets without sacrificing personal space and comfort. You can also change your sleeping position without disturbing the person you share a bed with.

Luxury and Extra Comfort

Everyone deserves comfort and the luxurious feeling that comes with king-size beds. A king bed allows you to stretch and spread your legs and arms comfortably without worrying about space, even if you’re sharing a bed. Shopping for king beds is not always easy, but knowing what you want or what features to look for will make your shopping experience seamless, especially if you are a hot sleeper. So, if you’re looking for the best king-size bed for your family, reach out to No Bull Mattress, and you’ll get your preferred king mattress. You can also get in touch with our mattress stores near you.

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