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The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

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Discount Mattress Stores versus Fancy Furniture Stores, in Pineville!

When you hear the term discount mattress store in Pineville thrown around you probably think that the store isn’t very good. This is understandable since most of us have been trained to associate the word “discount” with low quality. However, truth be told in the case of mattress stores discount actually means BETTER. Yes, better than those fancy furniture stores who are in the business of charging people an arm and a leg for a new bed.

How Could Something “Discount” be Better?

Let’s backtrack for a minute and talk about what the word discount really means. Although, many of us feel that that discounted items are lower quality this isn’t always the case. Most of the time when something is discounted it is merely being sold for a cheaper price. This means that the person buying it PAYS LESS. How in the world can that be a bad thing.

When you compare discount mattress stores to regular furniture stores you’ll realize that the true differences are actually positive. For instance fancy furniture stores have a nicer shopping environment than a discount mattress warehouse BUT they charge you for the experience. Because these stores often require large retail spaces with high rent they have to include the price of their rent in the price of their merchandise. This is just one of the many reasons why their mattresses usually cost your more.

Another BIG difference in the amount of salespeople working on the floors of these furniture stores. Sure, you’d think that it would lead to better service BUT it also means that you are going to pay more because the price of the salesperson’s commission is also built into the price of your bed. When you shop at a discount furniture store there is usually only one person working BUT they don’t charge commission and are extremely knowledgable about the inventory that they have in store.

What is the lesson that we have learnt here? When it comes to buying a new mattress the word “discount” isn’t bad at all. In fact it is actually GOOD to here that your new mattress has been discounted because it means that you won’t pay as much. Now that we have cleared that up why not come see for yourself. Visit the affordable mattress store in Pineville SC today!

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