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What is a California King Bed?

What is a California King Bed? A California king bed offers the sleeper an additional four inches of room to stretch out over a king size bed, making it the longest mattress available. Taller sleepers may find a California king bed more comfortable than an ordinary king size bed. California King Bed If you are… Buy Now »

Orthopedic Mattress King Beds

Orthopedic Mattress King Beds A king mattress can be a boon to the restless sleeper who suffers from back, neck or joint pain. Having enough room to stretch out and choose a position which allows freedom from restriction and movement can make a big difference in the overall quality of sleep. An orthopedic mattress king… Buy Now »

Benefits of Buying a Firm Mattress

Benefits of Buying a Firm Mattress The average adult spends one third of their lives sleeping. The right mattress can make all the difference to the quality of your sleep, and in turn, to the quality of your sleep. Your mattress and bed are an investment that pays dividends in a better mood and more… Buy Now »

Some Advantages of Mattress Financing, Cherry Hill, NJ

While the most common method to acquire a new mattress is to buy it on the spot – in cash – there is another viable option to get a new one with ease and that is through mattress financing, Cherry Hill, NJ. With the latter, you can have a new mattress without having to pay… Buy Now »