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The Best Mattresses Based on Your Sleeping Position

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Many factors affect the quality of your sleep, among them being your choice of mattress and sleep positions. That said, every individual has a specific sleeping position, neutral position or even multiple positions, making them a combination sleeper. Each sleeping position requires an ideal mattress to complement it and give you a relaxing time while sleeping.

According to research, humans spend at least a third of their life sleeping trying to sleep. That’s a lot of time in your life that contributes significantly to your everyday performance. Therefore, it’s crucial to invest wisely to give your body ample sleeping time on a comfortable mattress.

In that case, we have put together a guide to help you know the right mattress for your specific sleep style. We will also discuss some of the health benefits and shortcomings involving each sleeping position, so read on to find out.

Here are the different sleeping positions and their pros and cons:

1. Back Sleeping

It’s one of the most recommended sleeping positions, with 10% of adults adopting it. Health experts claim it has numerous health benefits for those that implement it, among them being:

  • It helps keep spinal alignment correct.
  • It also reduces tension-related headaches.
  • It is great for your face, as it reduces creases and wrinkles associated with facial strains.
  • Lastly, it exerts less pressure on your internal organs, giving your body an easy time functioning while sleeping, no matter the body type.

That said, there are also drawbacks associated with the back-sleeping position. However, that’s not something the correct mattress can’t fix, so stick around to learn how to solve that. Here are some of the drawbacks:

  • For people that are prone to snoring and sleep apnea, this position will only increase the patterns. Sleeping on your back narrows the airwaves, which blocks them. That, in turn, makes breathing difficult, worsening these cases.
  • Also, people that suffer from acid reflux might not have an easy time sleeping on their backs.

Nonetheless, unless your doctor has specific instructions to sleep on your back, you can alternate this position with others, like side sleeping, stomach sleepers, the fetal position, or a neutral postion  until you get the hang of it.

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What’s the Ideal Mattress for Back Sleepers?

When shopping for a mattress, comfort tops the list, among other factors. Therefore, a memory foam or hybrid mattress will be suitable for this group of individuals. These mattresses help spread the person’s weight evenly, aligning the spine, neck and head.

2. Side Sleeping

Some people sleep on one side throughout the night. Others alternate sides during the night, but this requires one to be awake enough to turn. Either way, sleeping on your side is another method many people consider beneficial for a good night’s sleep.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • It helps reduce snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, as discussed above.
  • The correct positioning of your body also helps reduce joint and back pains.
  • Additionally, people who adopt this sleeping position tend to have a better digestive experience, which controls issues like heartburn, constipation, and other gastrointestinal problems.
  • The position is also beneficial to expectant mothers as it improves circulation, which provides the correct nutrients from your heart to the placenta.
  • Lastly, research shows that people who sleep on their side have better brain functionality.

However, the downside of this position is that if you don’t align your spine, neck, and hips correctly, you could suffer from shoulder, hip, and back pain. That’s where a comfortable mattress comes in.

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So, What’s Your Ideal Mattress if You Are a Side Sleeper?

As a side sleeper, you can enjoy these benefits and counter the drawbacks with the right mattress. A softer mattress, especially with a pillow top, is one of the best. The mattress helps reduce strain on your shoulders and hips while spreading your bodyweight evenly.

3. Stomach Sleeping

Although many people consider this one of the least beneficial sleeping positions, a small population still prefers it. One of the main benefits of sleeping on your stomach is that it reduces snoring and sleep apnea.

However, its drawbacks outweigh the benefits, but the perfect mattress will help you fix that. Let’s look at some of the known downsides of this position:

  • Sleeping on your stomach could strain your spine, causing back pains. The position strains your muscles and joints, which affects the nerves, causing either pain, numbness, or tingling feeling, which are uncomfortable.
  • Also known as belly sleeping, it causes strain on your neck as you must constantly turn your neck to get some air. That could easily lead to soreness, which is uncomfortable.

Here’s the Right Mattress for Belly Sleepers

Please avoid soft mattresses as much as you can if you are a belly sleeper. They do not offer the proper comfort for this position. A firmer mattress, or at least a medium-firm mattress, with a thin layer of softness should be your best friend. The soft layer helps to provide comfort, but your body should feel the firmness when checking to ensure it will be a comfortable mattress.

A firm hybrid or foam mattress could help in such a situation. The firmness avoids straining your spine and neck, mainly caused by curving or at times body type.

4. Multiple or Combined Sleepers

These could include a couple with different sleeping positions or one individual neutral position with varying positions of sleeping. In such a case, a combination sleeper in this category need to be open when mattress shopping.

Consult the attendants at the stores with your preferences in mind, especially for couples. If you don’t speak your mind in such a scenario, you risk losing your bedtime comfort due to spinal alignment issues, joint pains, or neck pain which is not healthy. Shop with an open mind, testing every type of mattress until you find your ideal fit.

If you are a single and a multiple sleeper, get a mattress made to cater for your needs and preferred sleeping position. You can even invest in a zero-gravity bed, if possible, to mint all the health benefits and a comfortable bedtime.

Choosing the Right Mattress

Your sleeping position is like a vehicle taking you to your destination. The more comfortable it is, the more you’ll enjoy your sleep. To fully enjoy a good night’s sleep, though, consider the above tips when choosing your mattress. And in as much as other factors are affecting your sleep, factoring your sleeping position is one step closer to thoroughly enjoying your bedtime. So, if you want to change your mattress or need to test different mattresses with regard to your sleeping positions, visit any of our stores near you or contact us today.



The different sleeping positions are back sleeping, side sleeping, stomach sleeping, and combination sleeping.
Back sleepers should choose a medium-firm mattress that provides support for their spine and neck.
Side sleepers should choose a soft to medium mattress that provides pressure relief for their hips and shoulders.

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