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The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

How To Really Buy A Mattress

Many young people take their old mom and dad hand me down mattress to college, and then continue to sleep on it well into their adult life. Unfortunately this is why more and more people also go to regular chiropractor appointments every year in American. It is our general penny pinching stinginess that prevents us from replacing our mattress every 10 years or so, OR at least after it begins to sag and feel lumpy. Let’s be honest, nearly everyone one of us has at one point or another exaggerated the lifeline of our old bed in order to save money on a new box spring and mattress.

I don’t want to pick on you, but if you suffer from chronic back problems or insomnia have you ever stopped for a moment and considered your mattress could be to blame. If you regularly have “a bad nights sleep” and wake up with a crick in your neck, well maybe it is time that you head on over to the mattress store and start doing some research.

When it comes to mattress shopping there are dozens if not hundreds of variables that need to be taken into consideration: Budget is a big one, but it really isn’t that important if you know where to shop.

In order to get down to the gritty, of what is really important to consider when buying a mattress ask yourself this important question. “What do I need?” Well the answer should be a comfortable place to sleep that does not cause back problems, will last me another several years, and satisfies my firmness preferences.

Salesmen will give you pitches on coiling and thread counts, stuff that probably sounds like a foreign language. They may even try to jip you into believing that there is a magic “sleep number” that will determine by some scientific mathematical formula which bed is right for you.

Literally Do Not Buy Into It


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Chances are that this “math-formula” will have you “requiring” the most expensive bed and box spring in the showroom. Funny, how it always ends up the same.

Before I diss the concept of bed shopping altogether I do want to tell you one little thing that I learnt in my experiences; You do get what you pay for.

Whether it is a discount mattress or a Posturepedic 2013 Amazing Sleep Cloud, the value for your dollar is there, sort of. Try to understand that in order to make money fancy furniture stores will up their prices from the manufactures recommended retail price. They will take into account things like wages, sales-commission, and display cost, by time you finish doing the math you may find yourself paying up to 3X what that mattress is worth if you buy it from a furniture gallery. Even if the mattress is a “high end” brand name, you are still paying more then what it is actually worth because you have chosen to buy it from a furniture retailer.
The good news is that EXACT SAME MATTRESS could actually fit into your budget if you shopped around at a discount mattress warehouse. Although, discount mattress warehouses lack in the bells and whistles department, they do carry many of the identical brands at much more reasonable prices.

Honestly, you do not need that magician salesperson telling you your “magic sleep number”. Once you have picked out a mattress that you like, call your local discount mattress retailer and ask if they have a similar unit in stock. Chances are they can offer you an extremely competitive price on the mattress that you picked out, or direct you to a nearly identical one from a different manufacturer that is still within your price-range.

I’d like to correct the misconception that quality mattresses are expensive and that regular people cannot afford to replace their mattress…

Your aching back will thank me.

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