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Mattress Store in Tampa Driving Tired As Bad As Driving Drunk

The best mattress store in Tampa discusses the dangers of driving while experiencing sleep deprivation.

Most of us would never in our right minds drive a vehicle drunk in any situation. Even with our judgment impaired by alcohol, our friends and family members would typically discourage us from driving in a drunken state because it is so dangerous. We all know that it is extremely inappropriate to show up during the day drunk or attempt to go to work. Normally, we just go home to bed after drinking and sleep it off until we feel sober again and are back to normal, this is just common sense. However, when it comes to driving or working while tired many of us wouldn’t think twice! This is unsettling because recent studies have revealed that extreme drowsiness can be as dangerous as actual intoxication. Being on the road while you are suffering from extreme sleep deprivation makes you a danger to your self and others. This very common activity is extremely high risk and the second leading cause of motor vehicle accidents in North America.

Falling Asleep At The Wheel Is A Real Risk!

Whether your drowsiness is being caused by sleep deprivation or medication you really should not be driving. Most meds that cause drowsiness will say so on the bottle and this warning should be taken seriously. A doctor should also address long-term insomnia, which causes sleep deprivation, especially if it affects your ability to function and think logically. If you are currently taking sleeping pills to help with your insomnia, then it is important that you make sure that they have worn off completely before driving to work. Not taking these advisories seriously could lead to an accident causing injury to your self or other people.

In the U.S there has been some new rulings from the Surgeon General that states that sleep deprivation is a very serious concern for people on the road. Drivers dozing off or not paying attention causes many motor vehicle accidents every year. It is recommended that people take their health seriously and get assistance if they are not getting enough sleep. Just like eating and drinking, sleep is a basic need that we all require for health reasons.

If you have trouble sleeping at night the culprit might be your bed. If you are constantly driving to work tired then replacing your old bed with a new one could literally save your life. The best mattress store in Tampa has new mattresses on sale at a price that anyone can afford. We urge you to come down and see us so we can match you up with a better mattress that will help you sleep through the night and feel more rested.

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The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

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