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Mattress Store Isle of Palms SC, Why You Should Buy Your Mattress There

A few months ago my wife and I went to a furniture store to buy a new mattress. We were a young married couple shopping on a budget. We had tried to save up and buy a new mattress as an anniversary gift for ourselves. We really had no idea how much a new mattress from one of these stores was going to cost but we thought that we could afford something nice and practical. The nearest furniture store to our home was advertising a big sale: EVERYTHING 30% OFF, FINANCING, TAKE IT HOME TODAY. This initially appeared promising until we started talking to one of the salesmen.

He never asked us what our budget was; instead he began a sales pitch for the most expensive mattress in the store. He explained how we could afford it by paying in increments with a small amount of interest over the next few years. 

When we told him that we were looking for something that we could pay for with cash that day, he looked almost perplexed. “Why for now, what you could pay for later?” He asked sheepishly. 

My wife and I were immediately put off, even with the sales percentage factored in this “Porsche’ of mattresses” was way out of our planned budget. The salesman didn’t seem interested in showing us more affordable options. Frustrated we decided to leave and go somewhere else.

The Discount Mattress Store Isle of Palms SC Saves The Day

Feeling discouraged on the way home, my wife suggested that we check out one more store. Her friend Sally from work had recently purchased a brand new Sealy from the Discount Mattress Warehouse in Mt Pleasant. We decided to check it out. Not knowing what to expect after our last horrible experience.

The moment we walked into the Mattress Store in Isle of Palms, SC in Mt Pleasant, it was like a breath of fresh air. The sales woman, who was also the owner immediately, introduced herself to us. The first question she asked was “What kind of mattress are you looking for today?” and the second question was “What is your budget?” Then, instead of trying to talk us into a more expensive option, she pulled up an inventory list on her computer and began to make suggestions.

Eventually, we decided to go with a new Queen size Sealy Posturepedic. We were able to pay for it that day, and make arrangements for it to be delivered. The entire experience in was pleasant and easy, especially in comparison to the expensive furniture store.

The sales woman at The Discount Mattress Warehouse in Mt Pleasant seemed genuinely happy to of helped us. She had paired us up with a wonderful mattress that satisfied our budget and ended up being a fantastic anniversary gift. I honestly don’t know why anyone would ever want to shop anywhere else. Once you have bought your mattress from a discount mattress retailer, you will never want to set foot in a fancy furniture gallery again!

Sick of Fancy Furniture Stores; Try The Mattress Store Isle of Palms SC Today!

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The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

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