When sleeping on a euro top mattress, you can enjoy both the support of a traditional firm innerspring mattress and the softness of a pillow top. The euro top mattress provides the best of both worlds, allowing for the firm support of an inner spring and the luxury of a pillow top, with a few differences from a traditional pillow top mattress.


More Info on Euro Top Mattresses

Euro Top Mattress

A basic euro top mattress comes in soft, firm, extra firm, and ultra plush, and like any traditional mattress, is available in a wide variety of sizes to suit any sleeper, need and budget. Single, twin, full, queen, king and California King are the standard sizes available. Your new euro top mattress is designed for optimum comfort and durability.


What is a Euro Top

What is a euro top? It is a variation of the traditional pillow-top mattress that many people enjoy. The soft luxury of the padding is buoyed by the comfort and stability of a firm foundation, providing the proper spinal alignment for a deep and restful night’s sleep. When you ask what is a euro top, the answer may be your best option for your best night’s sleep.


Euro Top Mattress Description

The euro top mattress description differs from a traditional pillow top only in its construction. While a pillow top is attached underneath for maximum durability and comfort, a euro top mattress description is that the pad is sewn along the edges, rather than underneath, providing a flush edge with the rest of the mattress. A euro top mattress appears to be all one piece, while a pillow top is clearly sewn on to the foundation. The lack of extra seams may increase a euro top’s durability and is more aesthetically pleasing to some. Come down to Mattress Warehouse and let our knowledgeable staff help you discover the advantages of a euro top mattress.