Natural Remedies to Help You Sleep


Natural Remedies to Help You Sleep

Getting to sleep and staying asleep can be challenging in today’s busy society. With jobs, classes, and all the activities that make up our daily lives, getting good quality sleep is often pushed to the back burner of our priorities. A good quality mattress and a solid bedtime routine are the cornerstones of getting a good night’s sleep. Several home remedies may also provide relief if you are suffering from insomnia.

The Land of Milk and Honey

The mythical “promised” land was said to flow with milk and honey. The path to a wholesome night of

Natural Sleep Remedies
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uninterrupted sleep may be paved with those ancient substances. A warm glass of milk laced with a touch of honey delivers a powerful combination of tryptophan and carbs that help lull the body into relaxing.

Bedtime Routine

Following the same bedtime routine, at approximately the same time each night will help train your body to prepare for sleep. Consider following your glass of milk and honey with a quiet activity such as reading, before going to bed. Reserve your time between the sheets for sleeping alone for the best results. That way, when you get into bed at night, your body will be conditioned to expect sleep to follow soon.

Consider the Environment

Even quiet noises, like a buzzing cell phone can disrupt your sleep cycle. Try to remove all excess noise and light from the room as thoroughly as possible. Use black-out blinds and a white noise machine if necessary. When combined with a high quality mattress that’s suited to fit your specific sleep style, a peaceful, relaxing environment can make all the difference in the quality of sleep.

Talk to your Doctor

If insomnia persists for more than a few days or weeks, it may be time to have a discussion with your doctor. He or she may prescribe melatonin or another mild sleep aid. You may also wish to consult a chiropractor, to determine if a misalignment of the joints is causing your insomnia. This can often be resolved with a new mattress, one that is not worn out or sagging. A good night’s sleep is critical to your physical and emotional health. Guarding the quality of your sleep is an investment into your health and wellbeing.