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Why Do Pets Love Your Bed?

Do you find your cat or dog jumping onto the bed and settling in when you are about to sleep? It feels great when our pets love us so much that they want to be as close to us as possible.

But how does this happen in the first place? Do we smell like home to them? Do they find something cozy about our beds? And how about buying a mattress from No Bull Mattress to create more space for your furry friend? Why do pets love your bed, anyway? Let’s learn more about this theory.

10 Reasons Why Your Pets Won’t Leave Your Bed

Here are the top reasons your feline friends and canine companions love your bed.

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1. Your Bed Smells Nice

Your pet’s sense of smell is more powerful. They can pick up on subtle scents we would never notice. When they jump into your bed, they’re exposed to a unique scent that is comforting and familiar to them. They may also enjoy the smell of your laundry detergent or fabric softener, which adds to your bed’s cozy feeling.

2. A Show of Affection

Pets also appreciate that you’re providing them with a comfortable place to sleep. They return that favor by sleeping close to you and keeping you warm at night. One of the benefits that many pet owners love.

3. They Love to Stretch

Pets can sprawl out and take up as much space for a restful sleep as they want without worrying about you taking up too much space. Plus, it’s just so comfortable! They can curl up under the covers and nap or just lounge around and enjoy the soft fabric while they enjoy the deep sleep.

4. They Feel Lonely

Pets are loyal companions that provide us with unconditional love. While this is true, they also require much attention and care. When busy with life, it’s easy to forget that your pets need you just as much as you need them. Sleeping in your pets in bed gives them a sense of security. They feel protected and comfortable when they’re close to you.

5. They’re Drawn to the Warmth

Like humans, animals can get cold at night. When you’re snuggled up in your bed, your pet can’t help but be attracted to your comforting heat which helps sleep quality. And what’s not to love about that? Your bed is like a little slice of heaven for them.

6. They Feel Entitled

After all, we provide food, water, and shelter to our pets. It’s only natural that our pets want to be close to us when we’re relaxing or sleeping. After all, we provide food, water, and shelter to our pets. While it’s tempting to let them cuddle up with us, we must set boundaries, so they understand that our beds are for us, not them.

7. They Want to Bond

Pets often choose one particular person or pet parent to bond with more closely. This pet may be looking for extra comfort when they sleep with you.

8. Your Sheets Feel Comfy

Your pets may be drawn to the texture of your bed, such as the softness of your sheets. Additionally, some pets may enjoy the light pressure applied to their bodies when they lie on specific fabrics.

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9. They Know It’s Wrong

Pets are intuitive creatures; they can sense when they’re not supposed to be somewhere. That’s why they love your bed – they know they’re not supposed to be there, especially if you’ve warned them before! It’s their ultimate forbidden fruit and makes the whole thing even more irresistible. Nothing like a bit of danger makes things even more exciting for your pet.

10. They Love You

There’s nothing as good as curling up in your bed after a long day; your pet knows this better than anyone. They love being close to you. After all, you’re their favorite person in the world! Pets love your bed because it’s where they can feel safe and loved and know they’ll always be welcome.

But Is it Safe to Sleep With Pets?

According to May Clinic’s Center for Sleep Medicine, 20% of their patients had been affected by sleeping with pets. So, for some reason, it may not be safe to sleep with your pet because:

  • ● Your pet’s fur could trigger an allergic reaction if you have allergies.
  • ● The pet could disturb your sleep by moving around or making noise.
  • ● Pets are prone to carry bacteria or parasites that could make you sick.
  • ● If you have a pet prone to aggression, you could risk being bitten or attacked while you sleep.

Tips for Owners With Bed-Loving Pets

If your pet has been sneaking onto your bed for a long time, it can be challenging to get them off. But the best way to help them stay off it at night is to provide them with their bed. Your pets may choose to use the bed that is near you rather than cuddle up next to you in your bed.

Just put a towel or blanket that smells like you on their bed. On the contrary, try spraying your bed with a scent that repels your pet. You can also try putting sticky sheets or mats on the bed (cats love to scratch up the sheets).

You can also consider keeping your bedroom door closed at night. Pets can often sense when you’re about to sleep—many like jumping onto your bed immediately after lying down. Keep in mind that these methods won’t work overnight. It may take some time, but your pet will get used to the change.

Your Ultimate Mattress Dealers

Many people find themselves sleeping better when they sleep in their partners’ beds, on a particular pillow, or with a specific type of blanket. Pets are no different. They are sensitive to the scents, sounds, and textures that make up your beds, blankets, and sheets. So if you want to create more space for your pet, get a more comfy and significant mattress from No Bull Mattress & More.

We design our quality mattresses to be comfortable for you and the pet to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Plus, our mattresses are durable and easy to clean, so you’ll never have to worry about them getting dirty. Alternatively, visit our stores to find something your pet can snug up to relax and unwind!


Frequently Asked Questions

Comfort and companionship: For many pet owners, having their pet close by can provide comfort and companionship, especially if they live alone or suffer from anxiety or depression. Bonding: Sharing a bed with your pet can help strengthen the bond between you and your pet, which can be particularly important for rescued or adopted animals that may have experienced trauma or neglect. Warmth: Pets, especially dogs, can provide warmth on cold nights, which can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed.
Allergies: If you suffer from allergies, allowing your pet to sleep in your bed may exacerbate your symptoms, especially if your pet sheds a lot or has dander. Disruptive sleep: Pets, particularly dogs, can be disruptive to sleep, especially if they move around a lot, snore, or wake up frequently during the night. Hygiene: Pets can bring dirt, bacteria, and parasites into your bed, which can be harmful to your health, especially if your pet spends time outdoors or interacts with other animals.
Bonding: Pets often view their owners as members of their pack, and may want to be close to them at all times. Sleeping in the same bed can help strengthen the bond between pet and owner, and provide a sense of security and comfort for both. Comfort: Many pets find comfort in being close to their owners, especially if they suffer from anxiety or separation anxiety. Sleeping in the same bed can help them feel safe and secure. Temperature: Pets, especially dogs, may seek out their owner’s bed for warmth on cold nights. Snuggling up next to their owner can provide additional warmth and comfort. Routine: Pets are creatures of habit, and may follow their owner to bed simply because it’s part of their regular routine. If you have a set bedtime routine, your pet may be anticipating going to bed with you.
The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

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