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Pillow Top Mattress- The Difference

Choosing the right mattress for you is not as simple as picking out the most expensive mattress you can

pillow top mattress
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afford. The best mattress may not be the most expensive option at all. Different sleepers have different needs, and understanding your personal sleep habits and how they’re affected by each type of mattress is essential to choosing the mattress that best suits your budget and your lifestyle. When it comes to choosing a coil spring mattress, the options are nearly endless. The descriptions may range from extra-firm to soft, and each mattress comes in a variety of forms. There are many options like plush mattress, pillow top mattress, foam toppers, and plain mattress. Each type has variations as well, further complicating the search.

Plush Mattress

A plush mattress has padding on both sides, making it possible to flip the mattress for greater longevity and more even wear. A plush mattress has 1 to 4 extra inches of padding over the springs. It offers greater back support than a pillow top due to its greater firmness. This is often the most budget-friendly choice in a mattress, and is often chosen as much for its practicality as for comfort.

Pillow Top Mattress

A pillow top mattress is a traditional coil spring mattress with an added layer of thick, luxurious material designed to create a much softer, more comfortable sleeping surface. Typically thicker than a standard-sized coil spring mattress, a pillow top may require larger sheets, sometimes called “deep pocket” sheets to accommodate the extra padding. With a pillow top mattress, the extra layer of padding is on only one side of the mattress, so although it can be rotated for more even wear, it can’t be flipped. Pillow top mattresses are considered by some to be more comfortable, but are not as firm as a plush mattress.

Memory Foam Pads

A new twist on the traditional padded coil spring mattress is the addition of a layer of memory foam. Much the same as a pillow top or plush mattress, a memory foam padded mattress has an extra layer of material designed to enhance the comfort of the mattress. Memory foam pads may create a softer, more luxurious feel without the cost of a full memory foam mattress, but they do not last as long as the full foam mattress. If you enjoy the feel of sleeping on a memory foam mattress but would like more support, this may be an option for you.

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The main difference between a pillow top mattress and a regular mattress is the additional layer of padding on top of the mattress. This layer can provide extra cushioning and comfort, making the mattress feel softer and more luxurious.
When choosing a pillow top mattress, it is important to consider your personal preferences and sleeping habits. Factors to consider include your preferred sleeping position, your weight, and any specific health concerns you may have. It can also be helpful to test out different pillow top mattresses in a store to determine which one feels most comfortable to you.
To care for a pillow top mattress, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance. This may include rotating the mattress regularly to prevent uneven wear, using a mattress protector to prevent stains and spills, and periodically vacuuming the mattress to remove dust and debris.

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