The 13″ Cooling Memory Foam


Absolute top of the line. The finest memory foam mattress there is. The beefed up, ultra-supportive, all memory foam version of The 13” Hybrid Cooling Foam. Revolutionary, space age technology. The revolutionary “cool quilt” actually feels cold to the touch, even through sheets and clothes. The cool temperature dissipates after about 3 minutes, leaving the surface temperature neutral. However, moving an inch or two, you come in contact with a cool patch again. This provides a new “cool as the other side of the pillow” sensation throughout the night as you move about. If you stay in one place all night, the mattress temperature remains neutral. Flex Comfort Foam, Breathable Layer with Bamboo Infused, Heat Dissipating Top Layer, this mattress is truly luxurious, with a high end supportive semi-firm feel yet somehow still plush, while providing all the pressure relieving support inherent in new age high-end high-density memory foam. This technology sells at the big guys between $4300 and $5500.
10 year non-prorated warranty. Adjustable base friendly.

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