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A man walks into a discount mattress store location and immediately approaches the sales associate. He looks her up and down and says, “I have been to every single mattress store in Medford, and I have laid in every single Posturepedic memory foam whatchamacallit in the state. I have heard almost a hundred different sales people tell me that they can get me a great deal on a new mattress, but nobody can answer me one simple question!”

The sales associate working at the Discount Mattress Store in Cherry Hill smiles pleasantly at the new customer continues to complain.

“I even had to fill out six questionnaires that were suppose to tell me my miracle sleep number but then they only starting talking about how I should buy the most expensive mattress in the store.”

The discount mattress, Medford sales person politely comforts the frustrated man, she is about to offer him her assistance when he suddenly continues his rant.

“I only had one question” The man says angrily, “I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to buy a new bed today.”

She looks at him happily and asks; “What was your question sir?”

“Can I PLEASE use your bathroom?” He says, looking a bit panicked.

“Of course!” She replies and shows him to the staff washroom located in the back.

Once the man was done his business he returned to her smiling happily. “Your the first person who has asked me what my question was and then given me a real answer without first trying to sell me a new bed.”

The sales lady chuckled and asked if there was anything else that she could do to help.

“I need a new mattress” The man said, “I have $700 dollars in cash in my wallet, I don’t care what style it is but I would like something a bit firmer because my back does get stiff, I don’t want to make any payments, and I would like to take the bed home today!”

“I think I have just the thing” She replied and then showed him three discount mattress, Medford options that they had in the warehouse within his price point.

Mattress Shopping Made Easy!

Shopping for a new mattress does not have to be a horrible experience. The biggest problem with most furniture stores is that they do not ask the right questions to find out what the customer actually needs. Instead, their salespeople just jump right in with a long ridiculous sales pitch that is sometimes confusing and ALWAYS lands on you paying more money for an expensive designer mattress that you don’t really need. The service at the Mattress Warehouse in Cherry Hill is different. The people working do not get paid commission and they won’t try to push you towards a mattress that you can’t afford. Instead they ask the right questions in order to figure out what you actually need and then using that information they match you with brand new mattress that you can purchase that exact same day.

Are You Ready For A Different Mattress Shopping Experience? Visit The Discount Mattress Warehouse Cherry Hill Location Today!

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The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

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