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Quality Mattress Cherry Hill, How To Get A Great Deal On A New Bed

The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

As mattress shopping experts we often get asked questions like “How do I get a great deal on a quality mattress in Cherry Hill?” from curious buyers looking to save money.

To tell the absolute truth there really is no secret to scoring a deal on a new bed, you just have to know where to go and be savvy about the mattress shopping process. However, in order to make bed shopping a little less intimidating we have included the following tips.

How To Save Money On A New Bed

1. Know Where To Shop

First of all if you are going to the fancy furniture stores and showrooms you are not going to get a great deal. This is because furniture stores have to bump up their prices in order to afford those showrooms!

Instead, visit your local discount Mattress Warehouse if you want to save money. The well-informed staff will advise you on the best deals and match you up with a great bed that suits your budget.

2. Know When To Shop

Just like everything in retail there are annual clearance sales on beds that can save you a few dollars. However, be wary of advertised sales from the furniture stores in your community. Sometimes, in order to boost sales retailers will actually bump up there prices only so that they can advertise a huge discount on them! Basically what they do is claim that the original ticketed price is more and then advertise that they have been discounted 50% or more.

In order to avoid this, shop during the off months when big sales are not being advertised. For instance months like February and August are a good time to buy because there are no major sales going on.

Not to mention, if you go to a discount Mattress Warehouse our beds are always markdown to the lowest price. Our customers never have to worry that they will get a better deal if they wait, because our best sales are always on!

3. Know The Truth About Mattresses

Last but certainly not least the best way to save money on a bed is to know the true difference between a cheap mattress and a quality mattress! Many people believe that a more expensive brand name mattress is a better quality mattress, however this is absolutely not the case. Most mattresses are essentially the same.

For this reason, instead of looking for a “brand name” bed, shop for your comfort preference instead. If you want to be satisfied with the bed that you purchase look for one that suits you instead of a bed with a fancy label.

Saving money on a new bed is easy if you know where to go, and when to buy. Don’t be a brand name snob- instead, shop for a bed that you genuinely find comfortable. These are the secrets to purchasing a quality mattress in Cherry Hill, from the experts at the discount Mattress Warehouse.

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