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Quality mattress Lutz, FL – getting familiar with mattress sizes

The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

The Wholesale Mattress Warehouse has been providing customers in Lutz, Florida with top quality mattresses. With wide selections in our product line, you are able to choose the most ideal one before going out of the store — and educating customers with relevant mattress information plays a big role in that.

Speaking of giving customers relevant mattress information, we wanted to emphasize that the quality of mattress does not solely depend on the type of material used in the product. The physical features plays a role too, so in this post we’ll focus on sharing information regarding the mattress sizes, which will help customers pick one that fits their specific needs.

Twin size (approximately 38” by 75”) – the smallest dimension one can buy in the market. This is recommended for solo use which can accommodate one child or one adult user, ideal for small spaces and bunk beds.

Twin-XL (approximately 38” by 80”) – Twin Extra Long size mattress (aka extended twin) is 5 inches longer than the standard twin; it is commonly used in campus apartments. It’s ideal for taller youth and adults. Twin-XL’s actually having the same length with that of a queen or king. In fact, putting 2 twin-XL beds along each other would make a queen size mattress.

Full (approximately 54” by 75”) – this size is also known as double or standard used to be popular for two adults use, but now is commonly purchased for a solo use. It is pretty tight fit for two adults. Ideally, this is recommended for single user who wants to have a wider space.

Queen size (approximately 60” by 80”) – The most popular item sold in our store. This size is ideal for couples who want to have a wider space but do not want to purchase a king size mattress to be able to save bedroom space.

King size (approximately 76” by 80”) – this has the same length with queen’s, but with a much wider width (of approximately 16 inches); this is commonly bought by customers who want to share the mattress with kids or pets.

Have more questions about mattress sizes, contact us here at Mattress Warehouse – distributor of quality mattress Lutz, FL.

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