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Quality Mattress Store in Gastonia: Is Your Bed Causing Your Insomnia?

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The quality mattress store in Gastonia talks about insomnia and whether or not it can be caused by your bed!

The best way to define insomnia is as “repeated difficulty sleeping in long durations”. To put it more simply this just means that if you are unable to sleep for an extended amount of time then you may be suffering from insomnia. Whenever you have a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep, or not feeling rested despite being in bed for a period of time then you may have diagnosable insomnia. If this problem continues and impacts your ability to function normally during the day, finish tasks, or take care of your self then it is important that you see a doctor about it. Insomnia is very serious because it can cause mood disorders, depression, attention deficit issues, and memory loss.

Who Has Insomnia?

Believe it or not, insomnia is actually extremely common. Recent reports have revealed that about 50% of people will experience insomnia from time to time. The extent of insomnia can vary depending on the person. Only around 10% of people required medicating to help with their insomnia, for most it subsides on its own over time.

The actual cause of insomnia has not yet been pinpointed because it tends to vary. There are two classifications of insomnia that are recognized:

Short Term Insomnia

This is the briefer type of insomnia that may also be described as “acute” or “adjustment” insomnia. It typically occurs because of stressors such as divorce, loss of a loved one, work stress, medical issues, or other problems. Relocating to a new residence where you have never slept before or being in an unfamiliar environment (i.e: a hotel) may also be the cause of short phase insomnia behavior.

Long Term Insomnia

Medical intervention is usually only required if your insomnia lasts more than a month. When this occurs it is known as long-term insomnia and it may be treated with medication. The most frequent reason for long-term insomnia is irregular sleep habits or inconsistent life schedules. This means that people who work at odd hours or stay up extremely late may experience long term insomnia because their internal clock is thrown off. Medicinal conditions like depression can also lead to extended insomnia. If you are prone to this type of insomnia it is a good idea to stay away from caffeine or alcohol because both of these substances can also be triggers.

Figuring out the cause of the insomnia is the best course of treatment. For some people, this means that they require therapy or hospitalization. In many cases quite simply changing the sufferer’s environment can cure the condition. One of the easiest fixes for insomnia is replacing your mattress. A bad worn out mattress may be the actual cause of your ongoing insomnia because when you go to bed at night you are constantly uncomfortable!

If you think that you may be experiencing insomnia because your mattress is old come down to the Quality Mattress Store in Gastonia. We will help you select a brand new mattress that suits your budget so that you can sleep better. Hopefully, after replacing your bed your insomnia will go away. If not, it was worth a try. Mattresses from us are much less expensive than frequent doctor’s visits!

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