Quality Mattress Store in Largo: Is Your Sleep Deprivation Dangerous?

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The quality mattress store in Largo warns readers about the dangers of driving while sleep deprived.

For many of us the idea of getting up in the morning and driving to work drunk seems downright absurd. Drunk or not, we know better than to drive a vehicle intoxicated because it is very dangerous and someone could get hurt. Even if we were to have a lapse in judgment and attempt to drive our family and friends who likely try to stop us. In the U.S driving drunk is a serious offense and if you get caught there are very serious consequences. If you do drink, the best thing is to just go to bed and sleep it off until you feel sober again and can drive safely. This is just common sense!

When it comes to driving or working tired however many of us wouldn’t think twice. It is startling how many people are deprived of sleep while driving or working. This is startling because new studies have revealed that sleep deprivation can be almost as dangerous as being drunk in these situations. This means that operating your vehicle or doing your job while extremely tired can make you a danger to your self or other people. Regardless, this is something that many people do and do not think twice about.

Falling Asleep On The Road Is A Real Problem!

It does not matter whether your sleep deprivation is caused by medication or by lack of rest, you really should not be driving. Most of the medications that cause drowsiness will say so on the label and this should be taken very seriously. If you have gone a week or more without sleeping through the night it extremely important that you see a doctor. If you are prescribed sleeping pills for your insomnia you should always make sure that the effects have worn off before attempting to drive. Not taking these precautions could lead to a serious accident that could kill you, or even worse, kill someone else!

In the United States, there have been some new deciding remarks made by the Surgeon General regarding sleep deprivation and driving. Drivers who doze off or who aren’t attentive at the wheel cause many of the collisions that occur each year. It is recommended that people take their health seriously and get assistance if they are experiencing sleep problems. Just like eating or drinking, sleep is considered to be a basic need that we all require to maintain our health.
If you are frequently experiencing sleep troubles then the problem may actually be your bed. If you find yourself tired while driving or trying to work then replacing your old bed with a new one could actually save your life. The Quality Mattress Store in Largo continues to remind their customers about the risks of sleep deprivation. We urge you to come down and see us if you believe a new mattress will help improve your ability to sleep and be more clear-headed throughout the daytime.

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