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The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

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Looking for a quality mattress store in Matthews NC

Have you been looking for a great place to buy a mattress in Matthews NC? People living in the Matthews NC area need not look any further than the Wholesale Mattress Warehouse in Matthews NC for a brand new bed, and today we are going to tell you why that is!

Three reasons why the discount mattress store in Matthews NC is the ONLY PLACE to buy your mattress!

The main reason why we get to say that our mattress store is the best place to buy a discount mattress around here is because of the brand names we carry. The Wholesale Mattress Warehouse is known for stocking all of the well-known brand names that people look for. We have the largest selection of brand name beds at discount prices around.

Secondly, the Wholesale Mattress Warehouse is fantastic because we never put our beds on sale. What? Yes, that may sound confusing but take a look.

At our mattress store we don’t have to put our beds on sale because they are always discounted to the lowest possible price. This means that you don’t have to wait for a seasonal sale you can come in any day and receive a great deal. PLUS you can trust that we aren’t just marking the beds down to move them quickly. We are committed to matching people up with a great bed at a great price every day of the week.

Lastly – and this is the one thing that we are most proud of. Our mattress store Matthews NC is known for being the best in providing high quality customer service. Basically, because we don’t work on commission and operate differently than other stores our commitment is to our customers NOT OUR BOTTOM LINE. Sure, we do okay selling discount mattresses but our policies and practices are much different than your average mattress/furniture store.

Okay, so there you have it three good reasons why your neighborhood discount mattress store in Matthews NC is the best and why we can get away with saying it!

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