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Quality Mattress Store Blog: How to tell that our mattress can be replaced

Are you losing sleep because you are sleeping on a bad mattress? This is actually very possible. Many people who have old beds that they refuse to replace have a hard time sleeping. The best solution is to buy a new bed. However nobody really wants to pay full price. That is where the Quality Mattress Store in Summerville SC comes in!

I guess the first thing to do is figure out whether or not your bed really needs to be replaced. In today’s blog we are reviewing some of the signs:

How to tell if your bed needs to be replaced:

1. Is it getting saggy

Saggy beds that have lost firmness are not good for your back. At the Quality Mattress Store in Summerville SC we always tell our customers to watch out for this. You’ll notice that if the centre of your bed is sagging you and your partner will roll into the centre of it. This may not feel like a problem but this issue is a sign that the springs are worn out.

2. It has holes or springs poking out

As soon as your bed starts having holes or springs poking out of it you should consider replacing it for good. The reason why we say this is because beds that are like this may get bed bugs or vermin in them. (Not nice, but true.) It is also probably rather uncomfortable to sleep on. You are best off looking for a new one at this point.

3. You cannot sleep at night

Suffering from insomnia? Have you considered that it might be your bed. Most of the time replacing your mattress can really improve the way that you sleep at night. Even without the physical signs of wear a bed that is more than 10 years old needs to be replaced if you want to sleep comfortably.

Clearly, at The Quality Mattress Store in Summerville SC we think that sleeping well and being comfortable is important. We like to provide people with beds that do not break their bank account. If you have been dealing with these above issues, now is the time to come see us.

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