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Quality Mattresses in Charleston

The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

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Buying A Quality Mattress in Charleston

How To Purchase A Quality Mattress Without Breaking The Bank

Sleeping well on a quality mattress doesn’t have to cost you your life’s savings. A recent consumer report revealed that the average cost of a brand name mattress is roughly $700 to $1000 dollars. Unfortunately, people in the U.S continue to pay higher prices for their mattresses because the furniture stores that they shop at have marked up their prices. The reason the furniture retailers can get away with this is because most people assume that new mattresses are more expensive. The retailer may even double or triple the manufacturers recommended price range and then offer the mattress at a “special sales price” which is still monumentally more money than the actual cost of the mattress is.

Knowing this is the secret to buying a great mattress at a reasonable price. By being aware of how much a brand name mattress should cost you can protect yourself from being ripped off by the marked up prices and sales gimmicks that are used by some dishonest mattress sellers. In order to protect yourself from these practices it is a good idea to look at several different retailers prices on identical models before you by.

You can also try looking online to see how much the manufacture is charging for their brand name mattress. Not only will this assure you get the best deal on your mattress but it will also give you a good idea of what the base price should be without the retail mark up.

Buying A High Quality Mattress In Charleston

If price-comparing sounds like too much work there is another way to get a high quality brand name mattress without spending all of your hard earned money. Instead of visiting high priced furniture stores you can go straight to your local mattress warehouse and inquire about the mattresses that they have in stock. Discount mattress retailers, like the Mattress Warehouse In Charleston; also carry the same high quality brands direct from the manufacture. However, they have cut out many of the additional overhead operating costs that cause mattress retailers to jack up their prices. Most discount mattress sellers obtain their inventory at an affordable rate from the manufacture this allows them to pass these savings on to their customers by selling the mattresses at place value.

Customers who want to save money (and time) when shopping for a new mattress should go straight to their local discount mattress retailer and skip the furniture showroom all together.

Discount Mattress Retailers Save Customers Money

The bottom-line is that a brand new mattress doesn’t have to be expensive. When it comes time to replace your old mattress, you can save money by price comparing similar models and by choosing to shop at a discount mattress retailer instead of a furniture store. These are the two ways that mattress customers across the country are saving hundreds of dollars on brand name quality mattresses.

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