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Several factors are to be considered to attain holistic health and one of them is the quality of sleep. It helps improve memory, reduce stress, as well achieve a longer lifespan. Quality sleep pertains not only to the length of time sleeping, but how well-rested a person is after. It is imperative that an individual who wants to achieve better health should try to get enough and quality sleep — but how?

A number of studies in the past have proven that the quality of mattress affects the quality of sleep. An experiment, commissioned by Krystal and Edinger, highlights these findings: “after evaluating more than 16,000 nights of sleep, it was clear that even small differences in mattress support (soft, medium, firm) correlated with changes in sleep and pain. This is a compelling reason why a quality mattress really does matter.”

Considerations when looking for a new mattress

The reputation of a mattress store is a major consideration when making a mattress purchase. That said, it is important to ask this question: What exactly are the criteria that determine the reputation of a merchant? For one, good and legitimate reviews from customers as well as from recognized organizations in the industry are a good indicator. Another is the length of time a store has been in business – higher customer retention rates are a good measure as well. Consider those indicators when looking for a quality sleep mattress store in Greater Carrollwood, FL (or for any area on that matter), along with other factors that could be unique to a customer’s specific needs.

Wholesale Mattress Warehouse

For those who are looking for a quality sleep mattress store in Greater Carrollwood, FL you might want to check out the Wholesale Mattress Warehouse – a distributor in the area that has been in business for decades now. The store has wide selection of mattress brands in its product line, buyers have lots to choose from.

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