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The No Bull Mattress Team

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Your guide for finding a quality mattress store in Marlton

Most people would agree that there are two types of mattress stores that people can shop at.

One is the department style mattress furniture store where all the mattresses are set out in rows for you to try. These mattress stores a.k.a furniture galleries are meant to make it look like there are plenty of options for the customers to choose from, and are manned by several sales people so that the customers feel as if they are being well taken care of. When you shop at a mattress store like this you often feel as if you are making a big decision, picking from hundreds of models and looking for a good deal on a quality mattress stores. These mattress stores may also have coffee and donuts for you to enjoy while you shop!

Then, there is the “other kind of mattress store”, the discount mattress retailer. Discount Mattress stores, are often located in warehouses and keep the majority of their inventory stacked in piles in the back. These furniture stores, usually only have one or two staff members on hand. They don’t advertise sales and they certainly do not have donuts. (Well maybe sometimes…)

If I were to ask you which of these mattress stores would be described has a quality mattress store chances are you would say that the first one sounded like a much more luxurious mattress shopping experience. However, what if I disclosed that the mattresses that both of these mattress stores sold were identical makes and models from the exact same manufactures, expect the one that you buy at the discount mattress store would be monumentally cheaper, would that change your opinion?

Discount mattress stores, are designed to retail high quality brand name mattress at a reasonably low price without much hassle.

Shopping At Truly “Quality” Mattress Store

If you are looking for an affordable place to buy a new mattress or box spring, consider stopping by the Discount Mattress Warehouse in Marlton. Instead, of over-complicating the mattress buying process their staff makes it quick and easy to find a bed and box spring that are within your budget and will help you get a better night’s rest. Coffee and donuts may be a nice touch, but listening to pushy sales people ramble on and waste your time really isn’t worth it just to end up paying more for an IDENTICAL MATTRESS that you could of purchased elsewhere. The Mattress Warehouse, in Marlton is single handedly changing the what people consider to be a quality mattress store, just buy offering honest prices and a stress free shopping experience.

Still not convinced? Stop in at The Discount Mattress Warehouse in Marlton and compare for your self. If you can find a cheaper mattress somewhere else, they will refund your money!

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